Basketball Wives reunion rumors: Shaunie and OG fight, Jackie leaves and OG can’t come back

The drama at the Basketball Wives reunion
The Basketball Wives reunion is going to be full of drama. Pic credit: VH1

The Basketball Wives reunion is set to air this week, and the drama is sure to be there. The season ended with the ladies breaking up into two cliques, with Jackie Christie stuck in the middle.

Are the ladies still divided? According to Lipstick Alley, an audience member went on Instagram Live to spill the tea about all of the drama on the reunion.

The audience member stated that prior to the reunion filming started, while in line, the audience members were informed that two of the ladies had already left the reunion.

They also stated that OG and Shaunie got into an argument, but they think that part will be edited out. According to the report, Shaunie said something to the effect of, “well Jennifer didn’t come to the reunion last season, so why didn’t you follow suit?”

Shaunie is said to have then accused OG of only coming for a check, and OG said that she came back because production said the only way she could interact with the cast was from another room.

There was also a conversation about colorism. The host asked the audience and the ladies if they thought there was a colorism issue after OG brought the subject up. The majority of the audience did not agree.

OG said to exist in the “Basketball Wives Universe”, as a dark-skinned woman, you have to be one of the following things: The person is trying to make their way back into the group (example: Jennifer), the lackey (example Kristen), or the outsider/person who checks everybody and isn’t here for the BS. OG says that she falls into that category.

Feby claims that isn’t the case for her since all the men she messed with were dark-skinned and her daughter is dark-skinned.  Malaysia said that the ladies, herself included, simply don’t like OG.

OG then asked why she is being called a liability and being labeled as aggressive, but everyone else gets a pass. The spoiler spiller then claimed that the host replied, “Well OG, didn’t you threaten to break Kristen’s jaw?”

The cast then went on to discuss Evelyn using the “N” word. OG stated that as a black woman, she doesn’t like using the word, nor does she like other people using it. Kristen is said to have called OG out on that claim because she says that Cece, who is also not black, uses that word.

According to the alleged audience member, Jackie had actually gone to Malaysia first about the rumor from the DM she received from Anthony. Malaysia told Jackie that she did not want the rumor to be repeated on the show, and that was why Malaysia wanted to fight at the skating rink. But Malaysia left before that could be discussed thoroughly.

The last bit of tea was that Shaunie insinuated that the reunion would be the last time we saw the Season 8 cast as a collective, meaning that some ladies wouldn’t be asked to return. However, Shaunie has also said on Instagram live that OG was not fired. That leaves Basketball Wives fans wondering who might not be coming back aside from Tami Roman, who said early on that this will be her last season.

The Basketball Wives reunion sounds like it is going to be juicy, as usual.

Basketball Wives airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on VH1. 

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