Basketball Wives: Evelyn Lozada says Tami Roman is trying to ruin her

Evelyn Lozada sits in the confessional on Basketball Wives
On Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada was stuck defending herself after Tami Roman tried to reveal a really nasty rumor that she says is not true

The latest episode of Basketball Wives was a shocker. We finally got to see the blowup at the retreat Tami Roman put together when Shaunie O’Neal insisted that she wanted to know about the secret everyone was keeping from her that seemed to be about her.

Finally, after even Jackie Christie didn’t want to tell her because it was so bad, it was revealed that the big secret was a rumor about Evelyn sleeping with Shaunie’s ex. It was pretty clear how upset Shaunie instantly became, as the color drained from her face and she looked ready to fight Evelyn.

Did Evelyn Lozada really sleep with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex? If so, which one? It seemed that Basketball Wives producers were trying not to mention which man Evelyn was rumored to have slept with.

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However, Evelyn was adamant that she would never do that to Shaunie and she told her to “call him” and verify that nothing ever happened.

The scene ended with a “to be continued” and according to Evelyn on Twitter, it continues for the rest of the season. Now, the Livin’ Lozada star is working to prove to Shaunie that she never slept with her ex. She claims that this whole situation was just a Tami Roman plot to ruin her.

As the drama unfolded on Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada tweeted, “FAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know exactly why you brought this bulls**t a** rumor up to Shaunie and the show! To start problems because your messy as F!”

Evelyn didn’t stop there. She continued tweeting throughout the Basketball Wives drama and well into the night after the episode had aired. She even retweeted fan comments and questions, adding her own commentary and answering those questions as they came up.

It seems that Tami Roman’s plan may have backfired magnificently though, because now she’s being called out for going after Evelyn Lozada and for allegedly using Pastor John Gray to pull it off.

The whole idea for a retreat was his and Tami was told that she should take her co-stars on the trip so they could share something nice about each other, not put Evelyn on blast over an old rumor.

Many pointed out how upset Pastor John Gray should be about what happened on Basketball Wives and how Tami used his counsel in order to pull off a stunt against Evelyn.

The pastor hasn’t commented on what went down on the show yet. It’s not clear if he’ll weigh in or not.

On top of stirring the pot and spreading rumors about Evelyn sleeping with Shaunie’s ex, we also saw Tami take aim at Evelyn for her failed marriage to Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson.

As the episode was ending, we saw Tami claiming to Evelyn that she and Chad were always fighting and that Evelyn had been physical with him too.

For those who may have missed it, Evelyn Lozada and Chad Johnson got divorced back in 2012. Evelyn filed for divorce 41 days after they got married, following a confrontation that ended in domestic violence.

According to Evelyn’s account of events, the fight with Chad started as the pair were unloading groceries outside of their home when she found a receipt for condoms in the glove box of his vehicle and questioned him about it.

She said he became enraged and headbutted her, causing a three-inch gash and a huge goose egg on her forehead.

At that point, Evelyn took off running to a neighbor’s house where she called the police and filed a police report. Evelyn filed for divorce just three days later.

Chad Johnson’s arrest for domestic battery was a career killer. Soon after the much-hyped domestic incident, the Miami Dolphins cut him from the team in the most public way.

The Dolphins were filming Hard Knocks for HBO that season and his firing was all done on camera and aired on the show. Chad Johnson hasn’t been able to land an NFL contract since and many blame the end of his NFL career on that violent fight with Evelyn Lozada.

This is significant because Tami Roman brough up Evelyn’s divorce from Chad Johnson on Basketball Wives and even claims that she was at least partially to blame for what went down. In upcoming episodes of Basketball Wives, we’ll see Tami confront Evelyn and accuse her of fighting with Chad.

It was already pretty low when Tami brought up the rumor that Evelyn slept with Shaunie O’Neal’s ex in an alleged effort to ruin her. Considering that Tami knew all about that rumor for at least a year before bringing it up, it’s pretty clear that she wasn’t sharing because Shaunie is her friend and she felt that she needed to know.

To also bring up the domestic violence incident with Chad Johnson and to insinuate that Evelyn Lozada carried any of the blame for her abuse was as bad as it gets. At this point, Tami may have done irreparable damage to her image while trying to take shots at Evelyn.

As Monsters & Critics previously reported, Evelyn’s former publicist Danica Berry has been claimed to be Tami Roman’s source of information about the Chad Johnson rumors and both of them reportedly wanted the drama to end up on Basketball Wives in an effort to embarrass Evelyn.

Evelyn already slapped Danica Berry with a defamation lawsuit after first sending her a cease and desist that was reportedly ignored. It’s not clear what Evelyn may do about the part Tami played in continuing to spread those rumors but it’s really not looking good for her right now.

For what it’s worth, Chad Johnson has remained silent about what happened back in 2012 with Evelyn Lozada even as Basketball Wives digs up all the drama and puts it on display again.

Basketball Wives airs Mondays at 9/8c on VH1. 

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