Bao Huong Hoang becomes a dog mom, adopts a new puppy

Bao Huong-Hoang in her wedding dress
Bao Huong Hoang has a new fur baby. Pic credit: Lifetime

Bao Huong Hoang is happily moving forward into a fresh new chapter after her tumultuous Married at First Sight experience. 

While Bao may be taking it slow when it comes to reentering the dating scene, she did recently welcome a special new member into her life. 

Recently, Bao revealed that she got a dog and she seems thrilled to be a dog mom. 

Bao Huong Hoang becomes proud dog mom to puppy Tofu

After dealing with tons of social media drama post-MAFS, Bao recently took to social media to share some good news and revealed that she adopted a dog. 

Bao shared a series of photos and videos of the adorable pup, including a video of the moment she picked up her precious pup and a video of the dog adorably playing with itself in the mirror. 

Bao also gushed about the dog in her caption.

She introduced Tofu to her followers in her post and wrote, “Yesterday my dad started pronouncing [Tofu’s] English name with a Vietnamese accent.” 

Bao pointed out the significance of the way her dad pronounces the name, revealing that in Vietnamese the puppy’s name sounds like “GRANDmaster, the supreme one to which all the Masters answer to.”

Bao then joked, “No pressure, but she better live up to her name” with a smiling emoji. 

Clearly in love with her new fur baby, Bao created an Instagram page for the puppy. The page is @oooitstofu and the bio refers to the dog as Tofu the Bernedoodle with she/her/hers pronouns. 

According to Bao, Tofu “is a red tuxedo, 9 week old, mini bernedoodle.”

Bao concluded her caption by writing, “I promise to do my best as her dog mom. What a life-changing day for both of us!” along with a cat emoji, dog emoji, and a paw print emoji.

Bao and Myrla Feria both got dogs after their MAFS divorces

Bao isn’t the only Married At First Sight Season 13 star to welcome a new dog in her life. 

Myrla Feria shocked MAFS fans when she decided to get a dog during the Where Are They Now special. Myrla’s decision was surprising because she appeared to be very unhappy when she learned her ex-husband Gil Cuero had a dog.

While Myrla initially seemed like she wanted nothing to do with Gil’s dog, Hype, she eventually grew to enjoy the dog. 

Myrla and Gil didn’t work out in the end, but it seems Myrla’s newfound appreciation for dogs remained and she got a dog that she loves to dress up in bows and be a dog mom to currently. 

After all the drama and public heartbreak that Bao has had to endure since being on Married at First Sight, it’s certainly nice to see her happy now and enjoying her new puppy. 

Married at First Sight airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Lifetime. 

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Phuong le
Phuong le
2 years ago

Why is this a news?!