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Bachelorette Episode 8 recap: Here are the biggest moments

Hannah B
Hannah B continued her journey to find love. Pic credit: ABC

On tonight’s episode of The Bachelorette, Hannah B started her hometown dates with her four remaining guys. These hometown dates are usually emotional and fun at the same time, as viewers get to see the families behind the contestants.

Here are the top moments from tonight’s episode.

Peter’s car and a condom

Peter’s hometown was up first and they drove around in his car. Hannah started digging around in his car and found a condom. They joked about it, saying he practices safety in life – both in the sky as a pilot and in other aspects of his life.

Before meeting his family, he took Hannah on a journey above the clouds – literally. Given that Peter is a pilot, it only makes sense that he would take her flying in a private two-seater plane. He showed her where he lived from the sky and she was so impressed with him.

Peter’s family

Peter’s family was definitely a joy! His parents are very invested in his love life as they know he’s a hopeless romantic. His father broke down crying because he doesn’t want to see his son get hurt.

Peter ended the date by saying that he really loves what they have together but didn’t say “I love you” to Hannah.

Tyler’s dance off

Next up was Tyler’s hometown date. He chose to hang out with her on a boat and dance with her at a bar. It appeared to be a very low-key date, where she could really get to know him.

Tyler’s dad

Of course, Tyler decided to film The Bachelorette even though his father got very sick prior to him going on the show. Tyler showed his emotional side during this episode, even crying when he was asked to talk about his dad.

But during this family hometown date, Hannah asked his brothers about Tyler being ready for marriage. They felt he was, especially after his father’s health issues.

His father also mentioned he was worried for his son, as he felt Tyler was falling in love with Hannah.

At the end of the date, Tyler explained that he was falling in love with her, but didn’t say those three little words. It appeared to be the perfect date!

Luke’s awkward hometown date

Before the hometown date began, Hannah said that she saw something good in him and she was excited to see a new side of him. She referred to him as a jigsaw puzzle, explaining that she had the corners down but didn’t quite see the whole picture.

Luke took Hannah to meet a group of people, who he meets with before church.

He stood up in front of the room, talking about his struggles. He talks about his high school days where he partied, and how he chased sex in college. And then, God talked to him in the shower one day – and he claims he saw into heaven.

Fake Luke?

His family was surprised to hear that Luke was in trouble with the other guys. His father laughed, saying that it was good that Hannah was on his side.

But she explained that she wasn’t always on his side and that they didn’t have a good conversation for three weeks because of his behavior.

Luke’s father questioned why Luke was acting weird on the show because he didn’t recognize his son at all in what he was hearing. This is interesting, as this is the first time that someone has questioned whether Luke has more than one side.

At the end of the date, Luke told Hannah that he loved her and she was giddy about it all.

Jed wants to write a song

The last guy to have a hometown date is Jed. It doesn’t come as a big surprise that he wants to write a song with Hannah. The two of them sit down and brainstorm some ideas and they record their song in a studio.

Perhaps a bit predictable! But Hannah loves it and has a lot of fun with it.

As they stand in front of the microphone, Jed reveals he’s nervous and he tells her that he loves her. They kiss and hug and it’s supposed to be romantic, but it’s hard to ignore that he was revealed to have a girlfriend a few weeks ago.

Jed’s family has concerns

Before all of the drama with his girlfriend in the media, Jed was a frontrunner. But his family has some concerns about a proposal coming up soon. His father talked to him about his career and he seemed a bit concerned that Hannah would possibly derail everything he had worked for.

His mother even had questions about whether he is truly ready to settle down and get engaged, as she knew his music meant a lot to him. She also told Hannah that Jed was on a music path, not necessarily a “find a wife” path.

That’s interesting, given everything we know about him now.

A Bachelorette moment of confusion

Viewers may have seen the red flags, including Luke talking about his sex-driven college days and Jed’s family questioning whether marriage is really what he wants, but Hannah doesn’t see it that way. As she tells the cameras, she has connections with everyone and can’t see herself eliminating any of them.

Three roses are on the table. The guys are ready. The decision is down to Luke P and Jed. As she stands there with one rose in hand, she walks away. She tells Chris Harrison that she needs more time to dive into the relationships, and she doesn’t want to close the door on something that isn’t done.

Needless to say, he gives her another rose and she gets to bring all four of them on overnight dates.

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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