Bachelor Nation reacts to Tino’s parents interrogating Rachel Recchia

Tino's mom
Rachel Recchia met Tino’s intense family on The Bachelorette Season 19. Pic credit: ABC

Rachel Recchia and Gabby Windey embarked on several hometown dates in the latest episode. 

Gabby visited the families of her three remaining men and had an overall successful time. 

Rachel’s hometowns were a bit more challenging as she sent one man home and was grilled by the family of another. 

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Bachelor Nation was buzzing after Rachel’s hometown visit with frontrunner Tino Franco’s family. 

Tino’s family was extremely skeptical of The Bachelorette process and didn’t go easy on Rachel when questioning how genuine her love for Tino could be.

Rachel walked away from the exchange feeling like Tino’s family hated her, and viewers agreed that the hometown date was intense. 

Bachelor Nation weighs in on Tino’s family after tense hometown 

Tino’s parents didn’t make a good impression on Bachelor Nation viewers, with one critic tweeting, “Tino’s parents think they’re ‘tough’ but they’re actually just rude.” 

Another reactor suggested Tino’s dad asked intense and challenging questions to Rachel, teasing his tone by writing, “‘Oh you love Tino? What’s the name of his childhood friend and also his blood type?” 

A Twitter user noted how odd it was that Tino thought his family adored Rachel despite the reality of their unfriendly exchange. 

The user wrote, “Tino: ‘they adored you’ His parents,” with a photo of a dog in a ski mask and holding up a knife. 

One viewer wrote, “Tino’s family woke up and chose violence.” 

One critic wrote, “I’m just watching #TheBachelorette! I feel so horrible for both #Rachel & #Tino. #Tino’s parents were so unkind. Even if they’re hesitant with the process they should have been kind. They were very unwelcoming. Tino really likes Rachel but who’d want those in-laws!” 

A commenter felt Tino’s family exhibited red flags, sharing an image of four red flags and writing, “I found a pic of Tino’s family.” 

Tino’s parents were called awful by one viewer who wrote, “Not Tino pulling the L word to distract from his awful parents.” 

Bachelor Nation thinks Rachel Recchia should not have eliminated Tyler Norris 

A commenter suggested Rachel was being punished for sending Tyler Norris home during his previous hometown date. 

They wrote, “Meeting Tino’s family is Rachel’s punishment for dumping Tyler.” 

Another viewer shared a photo of Tyler’s family, whom Rachel never met.

They tweeted, “Rachel, know who wouldn’t have interrogated you like Tino’s family???” 

What did you think of Rachel’s intense hometown with Tino’s family?

The Bachelorette airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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1 year ago

His parents are creepy

1 year ago

His parents are rude it won’t work it will cause conflict! I would run the other way !!!!!