Bachelor Nation loves Sierra Jackson, want her to return to the franchise after setting Clayton straight

Sierra Jackson
Sierra Jackson gained lots of fans after her memorable exit from The Bachelor. Pic credit: ABC

Sierra Jackson won Bachelor Nation’s heart after she set Clayton straight during her elimination, and fans hope they haven’t seen the last of Sierra in this franchise. 

During the latest rose ceremony, Clayton made the surprising decision to give his final rose to Shanae Ankney despite all the drama she’s caused and the red flags she’s displayed. 

Clayton choosing Shanae led to Sierra Jackson getting axed, and she had an important message for Clayton before she headed home. 

Sierra, who was one of the main women to speak out against Shanae, expressed her hope that Clayton would make the right choices and choose a woman based on the man he’s becoming and not the man he is currently. Most notably, Sierra told Clayton, “Don’t be stupid,” which seems to be a sentiment many viewers resonated with when it comes to Clayton and his questionable decision-making. 

Bachelor Nation praised Sierra for saying what everyone was thinking, and they took to social media to commend her and express their desire to see the blunt beauty make an appearance on Bachelor in Paradise or even to become the next Bachelorette. 

The Bachelor viewers hope Sierra Jackson will be on Bachelor in Paradise 

The Bachelor viewers were all for Sierra’s sparkling personality and think she would thrive on Bachelor in Paradise after being eliminated on The Bachelor.  

One viewer wrote, “Sierra paid the price for being one of the only to speak the truth, so she better be in paradise.”

Tweet about Sierra Jackson
Pic credit: @AshTalksBach/Twitter

Another fan of Sierra praised her for calling Clayton out, writing, “Our girl Sierra. Gave what’s supposed to be given: ‘Don’t be stupid…but if he ends up with her, yikes!’ We need to see Miss Mama on BIP.”

One The Bachelor viewer wrote, “When I tell you I cannot WAIT to see this b***h in Paradise.” 

Another The Bachelor fan drew comparisons between Sierra and Bachelor in Paradise Season 7 star Aaron Clancy as they felt the two of them would take leading roles on BIP. The tweet read, “These two union leaders will be running Bachelor in Paradise 2022.”

Sierra Jackson nominated to be the next Bachelorette by viewers

While Bachelor in Paradise could totally be in the cards for Sierra, some fans want to see her in an even more prominent role as the next Bachelorette. 

One commenter wrote, “I nominate thee…the bachelorette” with a photo of Sierra. 

Another The Bachelor viewer tweeted, “If this queen isn’t the next Bachelorette I’m not watching.”

A fan of Sierra suggested that everyone would be happy to see Sierra as the Bachelorette, writing, “Everyone else wants Sierra at the next bachelorette?” with a gif from Mean Girls featuring a series of raised hands. 

Would you want to see Sierra on Bachelor in Paradise or better yet starring on The Bachelorette?

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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