Sierra Jackson talks ‘red flags’ in classy message after being eliminated

Sierra Jackson
Sierra Jackson reacts with class to being sent home by Clayton Echard. Pic credit: ABC

Clayton Echard upset The Bachelor viewers when he gave the season’s villain Shanae Ankney his final rose, and viewers were especially disappointed that he kept Shanae at Sierra Jackson’s expense. 

Sierra Jackson was unfortunately eliminated in the last episode. Still, she is keeping her head held high and wrote a classy post to commemorate her experience on The Bachelor as well as list out everything she’s looking for in her future man. 

Sierra Jackson says ‘Clayton was 100% not the person for me’ 

After being sent home, Sierra Jackson shared a photo with some of the women from her season. In the photo, she and her team wear their uniforms from the football group date and link arms with their backs facing the camera. 

Sierra captioned the post, writing, “I went into this with a very optimistic mindset and a big flaw I’m working on is knowing when to walk away. I should have the moment I noticed red flags. But I continued to be optimistic, overly optimistic, and exhausted myself.” 

Sierra’s caption continued, “So, I wish I could say I was sad to leave tonight. But, I’m sure you can tell by smile that I wasn’t. I was relieved to get the confirmation that Clayton was 100% not the person for me. I didn’t walk away regretting anything but knowing I stayed true to myself and did everything I could to build a relationship on an honest foundation.” 

Sierra Jackson shares what she’s looking for in a man

While Sierra’s journey on The Bachelor didn’t end in an engagement, she does feel that she found love with the women on her season and built strong friendships. 

As Sierra enters into her next chapter, her caption details what she’s in search of when it comes to a romantic relationship. 

Sierra shared, “I’m in search for a love that’s affectionate, honest, vulnerable, secure. A man that has strong judgment. A man not afraid to take control, ask challenging questions, take accountability. Someone who supports my dreams, challenges my goals, believes in me when things aren’t always shining. 

As a woman of color, Sierra also hopes to find a man that embraces her natural self and her culture. 

Sierra wrote that she wants a man “Who wakes up next to me in a bonnet and sleepy eyes and still calls me beautiful. Admires my brown skin and afro curls.” 

Sierra also expressed a desire for a man who would fill her gas tank, warm the car, and watch Rick & Morty with her.

Shouting out the women she befriended on her season; Sierra wrote, “I may not have walked away with an intimate love but I walked away with the love of some amazing, bada**, admirable women!”

Concluding her caption, Sierra had a message for Clayton Echard as she wrote, “Clayton, I hope you end up with the woman you deserve.”

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c at ABC. 

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