Bachelor Nation alums discuss the recent breakups

Bachelor Nation alums
Bachelor Nation alums discuss the recent breakups. Pic credit: @thekatiethurston/Instagram and @michelleyoung/Instagram

Bachelor Nation was in shock this past week when not just one but two of their favorite couples announced they were broken up.

Fans have been speculating what happened in both relationships, why it didn’t work out, and who broke up with who since they heard the news.

While there hasn’t been any confirmation on why Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya or Katie Thurston and John Hersey split, fans were not the only ones devastated by the news. Other Bachelor Nation alums were also saddened by the breakups.

Bachelor Nation alums discuss their reactions to the break ups

During the Click Bait with Bachelor Nation podcast, the co-hosts Joe Amabile, Tia Booth, and Natasha Parker discussed the shocking splits and their reactions to the news.

While Tia began the discussion by saying that Michelle and Nayte’s statements were beautifully worded, she then went on to say, “For Katie’s she just nonchalantly on her Story said, ‘Statement: We’re not together.’ That was kind of weird, but we definitely feel for both couples.”

Tia further stated that she felt so bad for both Michelle and Nayte as she read their statements, not knowing what had happened for sure.

Joe spoke up and wanted to talk about Katie’s statement, as she only wrote four words. However, because of the lack of emotion in it, fans are wondering why she announced it as she did.

He then added that how people want to announce they have broken up is ultimately their decision, but he felt maybe Katie should have added more and that people would expect more than what she left them with.

The alums talk more about Michelle Young and Nayte Olukoya’s split

Joe again started off talking about this split and discussed the fact that people had been speculating and talking about them breaking up weeks before it actually happened. The co-hosts then talked about how, if this happens, it tends to be correct.

Tia piped up and added, “I said that on the podcast a few weeks ago when we were talking about Michelle and Nayte, not knowing that it was actually right. Normally, when it’s speculation from multiple sources, even though it can be creepy and violating for them to be videoing them, a lot of times it ends up being right. It sucks.”

Joe then brought up the fact that Michelle and Nayte had never lived in the same place during their relationship, and when you leave the Bachelor setting, you need to spend as much time with that person in the outside world as you can.

Natasha added in, “I will say that I’m sad. I was so sad when I saw the news about Michelle and Nayte because I think like everybody else, we just really wanted them to work. I always go back and forth with exes, so maybe there was some trouble in the waters, which could’ve been what we saw a few weeks ago.”

As the three co-hosts wanted to send their love to all four of the individuals involved in the breakups, Joe declared one more thing. He stated that it’s better to be sad and upset about breaking up than to stay in an unhappy relationship.

For the entire podcast with Joe, Tia, and Natasha talking about the two major Bachelor Nation splits, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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