Bachelor in Paradise’s Jill Chin apologizes after interrupting Shanae and Tyler’s ‘sexy time’

Jill Chin
Jill Chin says she didn’t know the “vibe” going on between Shanae and Tyler when she interrupted them. Pic credit: ABC

Tuesday night’s episode of Bachelor in Paradise was full of memorable moments, and Jill Chin interrupting a post-date hangout sesh was definitely one of them.

Jill hasn’t been having the easiest time since being taken from the Paradise villa and separated from her newest love interest, Jacob Rapini.

In a rare moment where Jill wasn’t seen shedding a concerning amount of tears over the situation, she popped out for a quick vent with fellow contestants Shanae Ankney and Tyler Norris.

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However, the two had just gone on a one-on-one date, and Shanae made it very clear that she was trying to take Tyler to the “Boom Boom Room” to end the night.

As Shanae and Tyler sat on the couch next to each other, Jill came in guns blazing. She sat down next to the potential couple and started venting about how much she missed Jacob, all while Shanae tried to drop subtle hints to get her to leave.

After watching it back last night, Jill took to Twitter to say that she was unaware of the “vibe” going on between Shanae and Tyler and apologized for ruining the moment between them.

Jill Chin apologizes for ruining ‘alone time’ with Shanae Ankney and Tyler Norris

She wrote, “Oops I did NOT know THAT was the vibe [grimacing emojis] sorry guys!!!”

Jill Chin's tweet
Pic credit: @_jillchin/Twitter

She even followed up to laugh at the clearly awkward moment, all while apologizing yet again. “HAHAHAHHA IM SO SORRY GUYS OMG,” she tweeted out.

Jill Chin's tweet
Pic credit: @_jillchin/Twitter

In a Twitter exchange, Jill responded to a fan who assumed she was led on by producers to interrupt the post-date hang between Tyler and Shanae. However, Jill said that it was simply an accident.

“I literally emerged from my depression cave once that day and it was to ACCIDENTALLY do that,” Jill admitted.

Twitter exchange between Jill and a fan.
Pic credit: @MsBarnesELA/@_jillchin/Twitter

Jill Chin says she’s on ‘Team Jacob’ on Bachelor in Paradise

Although Jill may have been just introduced to a new set of men, it seems as if her sights are still set on Jacob after their previous one-on-one date.

She even took to Instagram recently with a behind-the-scenes Paradise snap of the two next to each other to inform her fans that she is now “Team Jacob” instead of “Team Edward.”

Although other BIP contestants may have chimed in on the post with compliments, there’s no telling as of now which way their relationship will go — especially since Jacob is surely not holding back with the new slew of women that just entered the Paradise villa.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC. 

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