Bachelor In Paradise update: Chris Harrison teases potential lead cast members for show’s return

Chris Harrison
Chris Harrison gives an update on Bachelor In Paradise. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor In Paradise viewers and fans have held their collective breath to learn what will happen with the show.

COVID-19 caused BIP to be put on hold this past summer, as all international travel was restricted due to the virus.

Despite questions about how the show could ever film safely again, ABC managed to score a resort in California where they could safely film The Bachelorette.

In addition, they have just wrapped The Bachelor in Pennsylvania with Matt James.

But what about Bachelor In Paradise?

Bachelor In Paradise will have an amazing cast

As it turns out, Bachelor In Paradise will happen and Chris Harrison revealed this week that there will be plenty to singles choose from. Not only was Peter Weber’s women not included this past summer, but we also have Tayshia Adams and Clare Crawley’s guys.

Plus, we will have Matt James’ women too from the upcoming Bachelor season. To cap it off, Bachelor In Paradise wouldn’t be the same without some veteran reality stars.

And Chris reveals there will be a great cast, regardless of when the show returns.

“Obviously, we didn’t shoot last summer, so now we are going to have multiple seasons, it’s going to be a murderers’ row of choices of people,” Chris teased to US Weekly.

“And I mean, I hate to say this, but there’s going to be people left on the bench that we love just because you can only have so many people on that beach. And right now, the plan is we’re moving forward.”

Chris and ABC producers are hopeful that there will be a vaccine, which will allow them to travel to Mexico and be together on the beach to film again.

“Clearly, we are like the rest of the world. This vaccine is on the horizon, there is hope on the horizon and where there’s hope, there’s roses and there’s The Bachelor. We’re always right there,” Chris shared.

In other words, it’s not a question of “if” it will happen. It’s a question of “when” it will happen.

Bachelor In Paradise could start up again in 2021

During his interview, Chris dished a few details about what ABC is currently thinking. Ideally, next up would be The Bachelorette in the spring. Right now, they have wrapped up The Bachelor in Pennsylvania with Matt James.

They usually start filming The Bachelorette in the spring, but COVID-19 could change that plan. If they do go ahead with The Bachelorette, Chris is hopeful that they will get to do Bachelor In Paradise.

“I’m not Anthony Fauci here, but my dream is that the vaccine is working by then and we’re right back to normal,” he added.

In terms of veterans, we don’t know who would be interested in going to Mexico.

Speaking of Bachelor In Paradise, Blake Horstmann has joked that he isn’t going to Mexico anytime soon because Stagecoach isn’t taking place. He is rumored to be talking to Becca Kufrin, the woman who turned him down as he was about to propose to her on The Bachelorette.

They haven’t confirmed they are speaking.

Another person we won’t see on Bachelor In Paradise is Tyler Cameron. After The Bachelorette, Tyler is ready to put reality television behind him.

The Bachelorette airs Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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