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Bachelor In Paradise star Juelia Kinney reveals her house burned down leaving her family homeless

Juelia Kinney
Juelia Kinney reveals her house burned down, leaving her homeless. Pic credit: ABC

Former Bachelor In Paradise star Juelia Kinney has been staying out of the spotlight since her time on the show.

Juelia has been in the Bachelor world since 2015, where she was first introduced in Chris Soules’ season. She had a heartbreaking story to share, which made her memorable.

Kinney revealed to Chris that she was a single mother to her daughter Ireland after her husband, Dustin, committed suicide.

After being dumped by Chris, she dated JJ Lane, but that relationship also ended. Now, she’s engaged to Aaron Bass, Evan Bass’ brother, who is also from Bachelor Nation.

And despite the fact that they should be planning their wedding, they are now rebuilding their lives.

That’s because Juelia and her family lost their home about two months ago.

Juelia Kinney reveals the house burned down after an electrical fire

The former reality star opened up about the scary incident on Instagram recently, sharing that she had been so busy with everything that was going on that she forgot to update everyone.

Here, she reveals that their house burned down.

“About a month and a half ago, I left for work in the morning, took Ireland to school and got a call that we had a fire in our house,” she wrote in her Instagram post. “My heart started beating rapidly- I had no idea what to expect. Were our dogs ok? Was everything ruined? The fire department told me they had to break down our front door to get in and thank God our dogs ran out and seemed ok.”

She also revealed that she’s just thankful that everyone is okay and that it didn’t happen during the night.

Juelia reveals that their house was inhabitable from that point on, and the family was basically homeless.

They rented an Airbnb and picked her up daughter Ireland from school. Kinney explains that she told her daughter that they no longer had a house and that they would have to find a new one.

Ireland was devastated, but Juelia reveals they got take-out and laughed about everything to lighten the mood.

Luckily, they were able to find a new place within a week, and they were able to salvage some furniture. In an Instagram post, she highlighted that she saw new sides to Aaron that she hadn’t seen before.

Juelia Kinney’s future husband has connections to Bachelor In Paradise

While Juelia didn’t meet Aaron on Bachelor In Paradise, his brother Evan did have luck on the show. Evan really wanted Carly Wadell, and he pursued her. Now, they are married with kids.

But it sounds like some Bachelor Nation stars won’t be that lucky this summer, as the show is currently up in the air due to coronavirus.

Bachelor In Paradise could be delayed or even canceled due to COVID-19.

In an update from Chris Harrison, it sounds like the production team is willing to move ahead with the show, but travel restrictions due to coronavirus could prevent the show from moving ahead in Mexico.

Bachelor In Paradise is currently on hiatus.

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