Bachelor in Paradise: Logan Palmer claps back at Kate Gallivan after shading him with Costco comment

Logan Palmer and Kate Gallivan
Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer roast each other on social media. Pic credit: ABC

Kate Gallivan and Logan Palmer will surely be a hot topic during the upcoming Bachelor in Paradise finale episodes — even though they seem to have already spoiled their current relationship status on social media.

In what has become one of the most epic roasting fests in Bachelor history, the two have taken to shading each other without tagging one another or mentioning names.

And yeah, they definitely didn’t need to.

Kate and Logan have had a whirlwind of a relationship since Kate entered Paradise as one of the new women during “Split Week.” After feeling gravitationally pulled to Logan, the two have had a pretty solid relationship since their one-on-one date.

More recent episodes have since shown the two going in circles when it comes to Kate wishing Logan would “up” his maturity game, though, as she has noticed several financial differences in them when it comes to their age gap.

Although their relationship is currently on the rocks, viewers are now seeing their attempt at making it work, as the possibility of them leaving the beach together during the upcoming finale is still looming in the balance.

However, recent Instagram Story uploads by the two have just given a whole new twist to how fans might watch their last moments in Paradise.

Logan Palmer throws shade at Kate Gallivan over Costco comment

Viewers will remember Kate specifically referencing Logan’s financial status when she pointed out the fact that he couldn’t even afford an Equinox membership.

Now she’s upped it to a Costco card.

On Friday, she shared a scenic photo in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico, with the caption, “a costco card and some extra guac ain’t getting you here.”

Although she didn’t necessarily tag Logan himself, it can be inferred that the dig was most likely directed at him.

Kate Gallivan's story
Pic credit: @kategallivan/Instagram

However, the roasting didn’t stop there. Logan took it upon himself to take it one step further and give his response.

He shared a screenshot from the Costco Travel website that showed him searching for a flight to Los Cabos and wrote, “On my way bb.”

Logan Palmer's story
Pic credit: @loganseagull/Instagram

The beaches of Paradise may be hot, but the tea between these two is definitely hotter.

Logan strikes back at Kate after Bachelor in Paradise Equinox comment

In what has become one of the most meme-worth moments of this season so far, Kate showed her concerns about Logan’s finances by saying, “I know that you literally can’t afford to work out at Equinox. Like I have a trainer.”

With an inferred attitude of “Well, while I’m here,” Logan decided to dig at Kate once more on his Instagram Story yesterday with a photo of him working out in a gym.

A gym that, of course, wasn’t Equinox.

“Sorry Equinox I’m spoken for,” he wrote as he tagged f45 Training Pacific Beach gym.

Logan Palmer's story
Pic credit: @loganseagull/Instagram

Will Logan and Kate leave Paradise together next week and give their attempt at a relationship in the “real world?” The answer seems pretty clear, but it is the Bachelor-verse, so one can never truly know for sure.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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