Bachelor in Paradise: Elizabeth Corrigan reveals the real reason she said no to Paradise

Elizabeth Corrigan
Elizabeth Corrigan said no to Bachelor in Paradise. Pic credit: @elizabethccorrigan/Instagram

Elizabeth Corrigan made her debut in the Bachelor franchise during Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor; however, she didn’t have the best experience due to one woman on the show.

The season’s villain, Shanae Ankney, made her life miserable in the house as she made fun of her for having ADHD and was constantly rude to her.

Elizabeth was asked to head to Mexico to film Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, but she couldn’t bring herself to go.

While she considered it, Shanae was one of the reasons why she couldn’t bring herself to say yes to the offer.

It wasn’t just Shanae who kept her away, but also her job, mental health, and desire to support her LGBTQ+ community.

Elizabeth also stated she wanted to stay where she was to try to find someone to share her life with outside of the franchise.

Elizabeth Corrigan reveals why she said no to Bachelor in Paradise

Elizabeth posted to her Instagram Story, which was then shared on a Reddit thread. Her message told viewers why she did not accept the franchise’s offer to go to Mexico and attempt Paradise.

She started her post by writing, “In regards to the Bachelor in Paradise cast announcement today I wanted to address the fact that you will not see me on cast this season. Yes, I was invited and yes, I did consider it.”

After that, Elizabeth focused on the reasons why she would not be on the beach filming and said it was due to multiple factors, including other cast members, her real estate career, finding a partner, supporting her new community, and wanting to be at the Pride in NYC that happened during the filming of BIP Season 8.

Elizabeth then ended by stating, “I am however thrilled to cheer on my beautiful, strong, hilarious and intelligent friends brave the beach [pink heart emoji] Sending love, Elizabeth.”

Elizabeth Corrigan since The Bachelor

Since Elizabeth left Clayton Echard’s season of The Bachelor and Shanae behind, she has become an influencer and advocate for mental health.

She did admit that she struggled quite a bit after leaving the show, especially in her emotional and mental well-being. After her move to New York City, she seemed to start finding her way again and seeing hope and happiness.

Moreover, Elizabeth recently came out as bisexual to her followers, Bachelor Nation, her friends, and her family. While she stated how hard it was to make the public announcement finally, she was also thankful for everyone’s support and love.

While viewers won’t see Elizabeth in Paradise in a few weeks, they will see Shanae. It has also been said that it will be nothing short of a drama-filled season with even less footage cut.

Bachelor in Paradise premieres Tuesday, September 27, on ABC.

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