Bachelor in Paradise: Casey Woods stands by his decision to tell Brittany about Peter

Casey Woods
Casey Woods opens up on his decision to inform Brittany Galvin of Peter’s rumors before Monday’s rose ceremony. Pic credit: @caseydillamusic/Instagram

Although Casey Woods may have taken quite the fall after instigating drama on Monday night’s episode, the former Bachelor in Paradise contestant says he has no regrets about his decision to do so.

Season 8 viewers of The Bachelor spin-off series will remember the instance during the episode’s cocktail hour in which Casey informed fellow contestant Brittany Galvin that “Pizza Pete” Izzo was spreading rumors about her.

Though Pete had taken Brittany on a one-on-one date, the two simply did not click, as Peter took it as an opportunity to talk solely about himself and his businesses.

After Peter returned to the Paradise villa and told the other contestants that Brittany was a “clout chaser” who only cared about social media followers, Casey ignited the fire by informing Brittany of the situation.

Brittany confronted Peter, everyone got involved, and Casey fainted and broke three bones in his ankle — it was a wild night.

On a recent episode of the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast, hosts and former Bachelorettes Michelle Young and Becca Kufrin asked Casey if he still stood by his decision to tell Brittany about Peter’s rumors and whether or not he regretted his decision.

Casey Woods says Brittany Galvin deserved to know that Peter was calling her a ‘clout chaser’

“I 100% stand by the choice to let Brittany know that someone was slandering her,” Casey said. “I heard Brittany’s story first hand, the fact that she was slandered before, I think she absolutely deserves the right to defend herself.”

Casey also implied that he left the ball in Brittany’s court by saying it was ultimately her decision of whether or not to make a big deal out of the situation or let it go.

“She has the right to make decisions on her behalf, I think it was 100% her right to know what was being said about her,” he stated.

Although Casey approached the situation with good intentions, things spiraled shortly afterward — so much so that he left Paradise in the back of an ambulance after fainting from all the drama that followed.

As Casey regained consciousness, he realized his right ankle was in pain, and it has been a long recovery journey for Casey ever since.

Casey Woods hasn’t walked in four months since fainting on Bachelor in Paradise

While the dramatic episode was airing, Casey took to his Instagram Stories to inform his followers that his foot was still in a cast and that he hasn’t been able to walk since the incident happened over four months ago.

He revealed that he had broken three bones that night and has had three surgeries so far.

The former contestant also took to his feed on Wednesday with a swipe-through post that contained a “before” photo of him on the beach, an X-ray of the screws inside his foot, and a snap of him using a walker with his right leg in a blue cast.

“Went into Paradise at my physical, mental, and spiritual best… left with 3 broken bones… haven’t walked in over 4 months, but trying to remain positive,” he wrote.

Fans can tune in next week for even more dramatic moments as the results from “Split Week” come to fruition — hopefully with no broken bones this time.

Bachelor in Paradise airs Mondays & Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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