Bachelor in Paradise alum and new dad Jared Haibon struggled to connect with his newborn son

Jared Haibon
Jared Haibon talks about his struggles to connect to baby Dawson. Pic credit: ABC

Bachelor in Paradise alums, Jared Haibon and Ashley Iaconetti welcomed their firstborn child into the world on January 31, the same day as Ashley’s mom’s birthday and the day her parents had met.

They named their first child, a son, Dawson Dimitri Brady Haibon, the Brady portion after Tom Brady, one of Jared’s lifelong heroes and his favorite football player ever.

Why did Bachelor in Paradise alum Jared Haibon feel so disconnected from his baby?

However, during this joyous and celebratory time, Jared didn’t feel quite like he thought he would, or should, nor did he feel what others said he would experience as a new dad to his firstborn child.

Once baby Dawson came into this world, Jared expected to be overjoyed with emotions and unconditional love for this new person he and his wife, Ashley just created.

However, Jared felt none of this at first. In fact, he made the comment that he actually asked himself if he was a psychopath because he didn’t feel these immediate emotions of love and instantaneous connection.

Jared told Us Weekly in an exclusive interview, “The biggest surprise thus far has been…I was not, like, overwhelmed with this feeling of unconditional love for my son (when he arrived)…In the moment, I felt like a very evil human being because all I’ve been told was, ‘As soon as this kid is born, you’re gonna feel it.’”

Jared couldn’t understand why he didn’t feel this immediate connection with baby Dawson because he thought it should just happen naturally, but it didn’t for him.

Jared truly thought something was wrong with him and called himself a ‘psychopath’

He went on to talk about how guilty he felt and honestly thought to himself, “Oh, my God. I’m a psychopath. I don’t love my son.”

Thankfully, for Jared, these feelings of unconditional love for baby Dawson did come, but it was a slower process than Jared would have imagined. He wanted people to know that you’re not awful if it doesn’t happen immediately, because it will happen; it just takes more time for some than others.

Jared has made peace with the initial feelings, and can now say he feels that connection with baby Dawson.

He did say as a proud daddy that he loves his “amazing little one more than anything in this world.” Ashley has also revealed that Jared is a great father to Dawson, and he has been doing a lot for both her and Dawson since they’ve come home from the hospital.

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