Bachelor fans are obsessed with Gabby Windey’s grandpa and want him on future shows

Gabby Windey
Gabby Windey’s grandpa is beloved by Bachelor Nation. Pic credit: ABC

Gabby Windey is currently one of the final four women trying to win the heart of The Bachelor’s leading man, Clayton Echard.

Viewers watched Clayton go from state to state and city to city for hometown dates and visits with the women’s families. Gabby was already a fan favorite before the episode, but she just might be more loved now.

Gabby wasn’t the only one to catch fans’ eyes, though. Her grandpa really caused quite a stir, and in a good way.

Bachelor Nation fans immediately took to Twitter after the show and couldn’t say enough good things about Gabby, but even more so, her grandpa.

The Bachelor fans want to see more of Gabby Windey’s grandpa

Fans already loved Gabby, but now her grandpa has fans wrapped around his finger, wanting him to be in future Bachelor shows.

One viewer took to Twitter and said, “Gabby and her grandpa may be one of my favorite bachelor cast ever. Omg, when grandpa laughed about Gabby’s off color entrance, it was amazing. From the word dingbat to marriage advice, he’s one heck of an awesome human.”

There has been quite a bit of talk and laughs from last night’s show when Gabby’s grandpa told Clayton that she has always been a dingbat. Bachelor Nation fans have marveled at how real Gabby has been this whole time.

Another person tweeted, If #gabbywindey doesn’t win this season, I demand a bachelorette season where she’s the lead and her grandpa travels with her and gives her advice along the way.”

Pic credit: @modernravenrva/Twitter

Others have also predicted that if Gabby doesn’t win this season, she might just be cast as the next Bachelorette, so maybe this could actually be foreshadowing something?

One other viewer stated in a tweet featuring Wells Adams and Gabby’s grandpa, “Petition to make Gabby’s grandpa the co-host of bachelor in paradise.”

While fans loved Gabby’s grandpa, they struggled with Rachel Recchia’s dad

As Bachelor Nation watched the hometown dates, not only did they see a great man in Gabby’s grandpa, whom she referred to as her hero, but people saw Rachel Recchia’s father start the night at the other end of the spectrum.

Rachel stated many times that she was scared her dad would be “mean” to Clayton and just prayed that he “would be civil.” It seemed to start that way, with Rachel’s father, Tony’s, stoic, stern face. However, as the night went on, it did get better; although, Rachel made the comment her dad has never liked a guy she’s brought home and never has thought anyone was good enough for her.

Therefore, a fan decided to post on Twitter a side-by-side photo of Tony and Gabby’s grandpa with the caption, “In a world full of ‘Tony’s,’ be a ‘Gabby’s Grandpa.’”

It’s safe to say that Gabby’s grandpa is the new favorite in Clayton’s season of The Bachelor. Fans want to see more of his personality on the franchise. Will the producers listen to their pleas? Only time will tell.

The Bachelor airs Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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