Audrey Roloff shares throwback pics from Jeremy’s proposal on the train trestle

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff TLC confessionals
Audrey reflected on the sentimental value of the train trestle in her and Jeremy’s backyard. Pic credit: Discovery+

Little People, Big World alum Audrey Roloff is reflecting on fond memories with her husband, Jeremy Roloff.

Audrey and Jeremy’s love story officially began in 2011 when the couple began dating exclusively.

One Oregon landmark in particular — the train trestle — holds special meaning for Audrey and Jeremy, as it signifies where Jeremy asked Audrey to be his girlfriend and then proposed to her in 2014.

The train trestle is visible from and is within walking distance of the fixer-upper they purchased in 2022.

During a recent trip down Memory Lane in her Instagram Story, Audrey shared some throwback pics of herself and Jeremy spending time at the trestle before they were married and explained its significance.

In one recent photo, Audrey snapped her and Jeremy’s kids playing in the water near the trestle and wrote in the caption, “After [Jeremy’s] Reel we’ve got a lot of q’s about the trestle in the background. Yes, that is ‘our trestle.'”

The train trestle in Audrey and Jeremy Roloff’s backyard holds a special meaning for the LPBW alums

Audrey added that the trestle is where Jeremy asked her to be his girlfriend, where they threw their shoes, where they reconnected after a three-month-long breakup, and where Jeremy proposed to her.

audrey roloff shared photos of the train trestle in her instagram stories
Audrey and Jeremy’s kids now play near the train trestle near their Oregon home. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Longtime LPBW fans might remember that Audrey and Jeremy tied together their shoes — one from each of their feet — and hung them on a wire on the trestle, where they remained for 10 years, until about one year before they closed on their current home.

“Now it’s our backyard,” Audrey added. “When our house hit the market despite all it’s problems… the story was just too good. We knew we had to go for it.”

audrey roloff shared photos of the train trestle in her instagram stories
The trestle has a very special meaning to Audrey and Jeremy. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

In another slide, Audrey shared a throwback photo of herself and Jeremy sharing a hug on the hill below the trestle on the spot where Jeremy proposed.

Audrey shared another collage of pics of herself and Jeremy snapping some pics right after he officially asked her to be his girlfriend.

audrey roloff shared photos of the train trestle in her instagram stories
Audrey shared some throwback pics of herself and Jeremy at the trestle. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

In a black-and-white photo, Audrey and Jeremy shared a kiss with the trestle in the background, and in another photo, the couple walked along the trestle in the grass.

Audrey admits that she and Jeremy’s fixer-upper is ‘not for the faint of heart’

Audrey and Jeremy took a risk when they purchased their current home, given all the work and updates it requires. She opened up about tackling such a big project, especially with three young children at home.

Audrey complained of the home smelling like the previous owners, the kitchen cabinetry peeling, the HVAC system and deck needing replacing, and stains and sticky spots throughout the house that they can’t remove, no matter how hard they’ve tried.

“It’s not for the faint of heart,” Audrey admitted.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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