Audrey Roloff reveals she and Jeremy Roloff broke up for 3 months

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff YouTube
Audrey and Jeremy record a book announcement on their YouTube channel. Pic credit: @JeremyAudreyRoloff/YouTube

Little People, Big World alums Audrey Roloff and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, have been happily married for nearly a decade. Still, there was a period in their relationship when they needed a break.

During a recent Q&A, Audrey opened up about the time she decided she needed some space and broke things off with Jeremy.

Taking to her Instagram Story, Audrey responded to a fan who asked whether she and Jeremy had ever broken up.

Audrey shared her explanation with a photo of Jeremy holding her in his arms in the middle of a road in the rain.

“Yes for about 3 months,” Audrey began. “I broke up with him cause I was overwhelmed and stressed and sick.”

“I think i had a feeling all along we would get back together but i just couldn’t invest in our relationship what I felt like it deserved at the time,” she added.

LPBW alums Audrey and Jeremy Roloff separated for three months while dating

Audrey went on to explain that, at the time, she was an “all or nothing” type of person and that she broke up with Jeremy over the phone because they were long-distance.

However, their breakup didn’t last long — three months later, Jeremy showed up at Audrey’s 21st birthday party after her parents invited him.

audrey roloff talks about breaking up with jeremy in her instagram story
Audrey opened up about her and Jeremy’s three-month breakup. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

Audrey also revealed that three more of her exes were also in attendance, and it was also the first time she had ever drank alcohol in her life, calling it a “[doozy] of a day.”

Needless to say, it all worked out for the best. Audrey and Jeremy got engaged in March 2014 on the train trestle that their current home now overlooks. They wed just six months later on Roloff Farms.

Audrey dishes on ‘fighting’ with Jeremy

In response to another question from an Instagram follower, Audrey revealed that she and her husband “don’t really fight.”

Instead, she says, they have what they call “heated fellowship.”

“We have healthy debate or intense conversations a lot but I think part of the reason we don’t fight is because we are willing to have those hard conversations on a regular and on going basis…” Audrey added.

audrey roloff talks about fighting with jeremy in her instagram story
Audrey told her fans that she and Jeremy don’t fight often. Pic credit: @audreyroloff/Instagram

According to Audrey, she can only recall a few times in their 13 years together that they’ve ended up fighting with each other.

It’s all water under the bridge now, as the couple is coming up on their ninth wedding anniversary in September 2023.

The Roloff children have all gotten married on the farm

Like the rest of the Roloff children, Audrey and Jeremy exchanged vows on the family’s property in 2014.

Just one year later, Jeremy’s twin brother, Zach, married his wife, Tori Roloff, at the same location. Their sister, Molly, married her husband, Joel Silvius, there in 2017, and the youngest Roloff sibling, Jacob, married his wife, Isabel, in 2019.

Their mom, Amy Roloff, followed in her kids’ footsteps and wed her second husband, Chris Marek, on the farm in August 2021.

Matt Roloff has yet to share where he and his fiancee, Caryn Chandler, will tie the knot, but it wouldn’t surprise LPBW viewers if their wedding also takes place at Roloff Farms.

Little People, Big World is currently on hiatus.

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