Ashley Martson claps back at criticism as 90 Day Fiance fans can’t believe she reunited with Jay Smith again

Ashley and Jay on 90 Day Fiance
Ashley and Jay on 90 Day Fiance. Pic Credit: TLC

Fans of 90 Day Fiance have been let down once again by Ashley Martson.

Viewers cheered her on when she dumped her cheating husband, Jay Smith, shortly after their 2018 marriage. She began and then stopped the divorce process twice since their breakup, which aired on season 6 of the show. The couple was also profiled on season 4 of Happily Ever After?

It’s been a rocky few years for the couple

Ashley and Jay met when Ashley was vacationing in Jay’s home country of Jamaica. The pair continued talking after Ashley returned home to Pennsylvania, and she went back to Jamaica to visit Jay six months later. Jay proposed during that second trip, and the two began the K-1 visa process.

Ashley’s friends and family were suspicious from the moment Jay arrived in America. They felt that the relationship was moving too fast and that Jay, just 20 at the time, was too young for Ashley, who is 12 years older. Ashley also has two kids, and many of her friends thought that Jay wasn’t mature enough to be a stepfather.

Despite her friends’ and family’s reservations, Ashley and Jay got married at a casual wedding in Vegas. Problems for the couple began very soon after that.

Jay, who was using a dating app within days of their wedding, betrayed Ashley by having sex with a woman at his local barbershop. The owner of the shop kicked him out for it, and he told Ashley about the incident when she came to the shop asking about Jay.

Despite the cheating, divorce attempts, and a recent Protection from Abuse order that Ashley had against Jay, the two have reunited several times. Most recently, both have shared photos and videos of themselves in quarantine together on Instagram and Tik Tok.

The offending posts

Fans, who nearly unanimously took Ashley’s side in the breakup, were disappointed to see Ashley back with her cheating husband.

Today, Ashley posted a photo of herself with a crunchwrap, captioning the pic, “Just over here gaining my quarantine 15.”

One fan took the opportunity to criticize Ashley about her reunion with Jay. “Wtf is up with the tik tok and last post of you and Jay lmaooo you gotta be kidding right?” she said.

The fan seemed to think Ashley was only back with Jay for attention, calling the reunion a “desperate plea to try to stay in the ‘spotlight.'”

Ashley clapped back, saying, “why are you talking to your own self like that. Self love, sis! You @ yourself.”

The fan, however, wasn’t done. “Have more respect for yourself,” she said, “you are a mom it’s embarrassing.” At that point, Ashley-probably wisely- gave up on arguing with the fan, but plenty of others came to Ashley’s defense.

Despite her questionable decision to get back with Jay, it seems plenty of people are still on Team Ashley.

90 Day Fiance: Before the 90 Days airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC.

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