Ashley Iaconetti takes aim at Shanae Ankney for bullying Elizabeth Corrigan about ADHD on The Bachelor

Ashley Iaconetti
Ashley Iaconetti gives her two cents about Shanae making fun of Elizabeth. Pic credit: ABC

Ashley Iaconetti and her husband, Jared Haibon, have been in the spotlight quite a bit lately, but due to the birth of their firstborn child, their son, Dawson Dimitri Brady Haibon.

Shanae Ankney and Elizabeth Corrigan have also been in the Bachelor news often, but due to something a lot less positive—Shanae bullying Elizabeth for having ADHD, among other things.

Although Ashley has been busy during this season of The Bachelor with Clayton Echard — you know, labor, delivery, a new baby, first-time mom, all the hormones, adjustments, and learning that happens, she has found a little time to weigh in on the Shanae situation.

What did Ashley Iaconetti have to say about Shanae Ankney?

Ashley, like many of us, cannot believe what has been going on this season with Shanae and the other women.

She told Us Weekly, “I don’t know if (Shanae’s) the biggest villain of all-time, but the fact that she kept calling out Elizabeth on the ADHD thing was something that, like, we haven’t really seen, like somebody belittling somebody for their brain (and for) a syndrome that they have (is) crazy.”

This is crazy, indeed, and since Clayton Echard still hasn’t sent her home, there’s still plenty of time for Shanae to earn herself that top villain spot. It should surprise no one that it didn’t stop there with Shanae, as her antics have continued on into Episode 6, which will air on Monday (Valentine’s Day).

Shanae was even quoted on an off-camera confessional interview making fun of Elizabeth again and continuing on by saying, “Fake, fake, fake…ADHD, my a**.”

Ashley weighed in on her own past 2-on-1 date to give some advice, and Jared agreed

When asked about the upcoming 2-on-1 date between Shanae and Genevieve, Ashley reflected back on her own 2-on-1 she had with Kelsey Poe, while competing for the heart of Chris Soules on his season of The Bachelor.

She stated that her advice would be to, “not bring up the other person at all… Pretend you are the only (one) on the date and that nobody else exists because the second you start talking about the other person you’re already, like, losing points.”

Jared said, “You’re done, you are done…If you are talking to him about the other person, no matter whether you survive the 2-on-1 or not, it is over.”

Will Clayton finally send this season’s villain home?

It sounds like Ashley and Jared are rooting for Genevieve, so hopefully, she took this advice. Ashley and Jared aren’t the only ones rooting for Shanae to be eliminated this week, as other Bachelor Nation alums, such as Hannah Brown, vouched for Elizabeth when Shanae continued to make fun of her for having ADHD.

Will Clayton continue to keep Shanae around, despite everyone’s pleas to send her home, or will he finally see Shanae for who she really is?

The Bachelor airs on Mondays at 8/7c on ABC.

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