Ashley Darby and Luke Gulbranson caught spending a secret weekend together in NY

Ashley Luke
Ashley Darby posts a TikTok, and fans notice she is in Luke Gulbranson’s apartment. Pic credit: @bravodailydish/Instagram

The Real Housewives of Potomac Season 7 heavily focuses on the break-up of the marriage between Ashley Darby and her husband of eight years, Michael.

After finally pulling the plug on her long-suffering relationship, Ashley is single and out here mingling, and super sleuth Bravo fans found Ashley at the apartment of her new alleged beau, Summer House star Luke Gulbranson.

The two met at BravoCon last month and hit it off almost immediately, possibly giving loyal Bravo viewers the crossover romance that reality fans live for.

Ashley and Luke were spotted at BravoCon holding hands on the way backstage and then last weekend at a Washington Commanders football game. A few days later, the gorgeous duo was together at a Washington Capitals hockey game.

But are they just cozy-looking friends, or is there a love connection? There is no denying that Ashley and Luke like spending time together, and Ashley is still technically married but legally separated and free to date if she’d like.

The Housewives TikTok queen took to social media to post one of her dance videos, and Ashley was in an apartment that looked very familiar to Summer House fans.

RHOP star Ashley Darby dances in rumored boyfriend’s apartment

In a TikTok post over the weekend, Ashley danced to Sean Paul’s hit song, Give It Up To Me, and her location piqued the interest of every fan in the Bravo universe.

Luke, a proud Minnesota native, had his apartment decorated in a distinguishable way. Deep antlers on his table, a Minnesota license plate on the wall, and a rug that has been seen in many of his Instagram Lives or Stories.

Ashley is obviously staying, or at the very least visiting, Luke’s apartment, and all signs point to a new romance! This is great news for fans of Ashley, who have been hoping for her to get into a relationship that makes her happy.

Ashley Darby has been separated from her husband since April 2022

It was leaked in April that Ashley filed for a legal separation from Michael after years of rumored and admitted infidelity. She also admitted that there was one specific event that led to this decision, although at the time, she did not reveal what that event was.

Viewers now know that Ashley decided to end her marriage after Michael asked her for a threesome with another woman. Ashley said she was no longer interested in being as sexually adventurous as she once was. After becoming a mother to sons Dean and Dylan, Ashley had another plan for her future, and it did not involve the same activities that her pre-kids life did.

Ashley realized she and Michael were on two different paths and decided to split amicably. She is free to now date anyone she chooses, and it looks like she has chosen Luke.

The Real Housewives of Potomac airs Sundays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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