Armando Rubio shares sad news about Kenneth Niedermeier’s beloved dog Truffles

Kenny, Armando, and Truffles
Armando Rubio broke some devastating news about Kenny Niedermeier’s chihuahua Truffles. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way star Armando Rubio delivered the sad news that his husband Kenny Niedermeier’s beloved chihuahua Truffles crossed the rainbow bridge at “17.8 yrs old.”

Truffles became an anticipated staple of Kenny’s and Armando’s segments on the show and it was obvious that their shared love for the 90 Day dog ran deep.

Kenny has since issued an Instagram post in tribute to Truffles and both have detailed the circumstances under which she passed.

Truffles stayed by Kenny’s side when he brazenly journeyed to Mexico to live there with Armando, and it was clear to viewers that Truffles was an emotional companion for him.

Armando Rubio opened up about the passing of Kenny Niedermeier’s dog Truffles

On Instagram, Armando was the first to break the news that Truffles had passed.

He shared several photos with Truffles and added the caption, “Yesterday we lost our sweet Truffles. She was 17.8 yrs old. Truff lived many adventures in her life and continued to enjoy throughout her golden years. She made the big move to Mexico with Kenny & she enhanced the lives of Hannah & I. She was immediately loved and we became inseparable as a family. She passed away peacefully in bed with us.”

Kenny took to Instagram an hour later to share his own pictures and issue a statement. Kenny wrote, “It’s with great heartache that I have to let everyone know My sweet Truffles has passed on.”

He talked about how much she meant to him before continuing, “Truffles grew up with 4 children that played, loved and cared for her. Truff had been to about 25 states, 3 countries, plane rides, major cities to small towns. She spent her golden years on a wonderful adventure when in 2019 we packed our bags and did a cross country rode trip together to live our lives in a new country with a new little girl and papi who fell instantly in love with her.”

Kenny also shared, “She appeared on two seasons of The Other Way, Strikes Back, several Pillow Talks, at least 350 cameos and was a special part of our wedding as the cutest Pet of Honor. She sure had an exciting life!”

Kenny Niedermeier and Armando Rubio are still living together in Mexico

During Season 3 of The Other Way, Kenny opened up about his intense homesickness and his children expressed their sadness that they lost their dad in their lives every day.

With that said, Kenny has been back to his home state of Florida to visit them and his newest grandbaby, which may have eased some of the loneliness and isolation he was feeling in Mexico away from his family.

Kenny and Armando are still living in Mexico, as was their plan since Armando’s daughter Hannah is young and they want her to stay near family.

Just two weeks ago, Kenny and Armando posted a happy photo holding hands together in Mexico signaling that they are sticking with their plans for now.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way is currently on hiatus.

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Louise Webster
Louise Webster
1 year ago

Love Armando and used to love Kenny until he made a snide remark about New Jersey….. I’ve lived in New Jersey all my life and love it here….. has he ever been to New Jersey? There are good and bad areas in every state but to just make a general comment about the entire state is so wrong!