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Arielle Vandenberg might not return to Love Island USA

Arielle Vandenberg on Love Island USA
Arielle Vandenberg on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

This summer, Love Island USA is moving from CBS to the NBC-owned Peacock streaming service for its fourth season.

This means a lot of great things for the show.

There will be steamier games and naughtier challenges on Love Island USA, things that were hard to pull off with network censors every week.

It is also a big move since the move from overpriced cable services to streaming outlets has been growing and is the way TV will be viewed in the future.

However, it sounds like it might be coming with a downgrade too.

Arielle Vandenberg might leave Love Island USA

Since Love Island USA started, Arielle Vandenberg was the host, and she is who would show up to let the Islanders know who was leaving and what challenges they needed to complete to stay.

Matthew Hoffman was also there since the start as the voice of Love Island USA, and honestly, he was the MVP of the show with his off-the-cuff comments and remarks about the Islanders.

However, Arielle has hinted that she might not be back on Love Island USA after its move to Peacock.

A Love Island USA fan account on Instagram asked if Arielle and Matt would return for the new season on Peacock.

Shockingly, Arielle responded and gave her vote as a comment, writing, “who cares?!” (via Cheat Sheet).

Now, fans can take this one of two ways.

First, they can see it as Arielle is ready to check out of the show and move on, and she doesn’t really care who they get to host next season.

However, anyone who follows Arielle on social media and YouTube knows that she – in no way – takes herself seriously. She often posts the most ridiculous things and loves to make fun of herself as much as she does anything else.

This could just be Arielle’s way of being goofy, which would be what her fans would expect.

Who could host Love Island USA Season 4?

If Arielle Vandenberg does not return to Love Island USA, who could replace her?

The Bachelor franchise found a way to replace a long-running host by bringing in former contestants to take on the role.

Love Island USA could do the same.

How much would fans love to see someone like Cashay Proudfoot returning to the show as the new host, welcoming the Islanders and offering up the new games?

An even better option could be a two-woman team.

Elizabeth Weber and Alex Stewart run the Love Island USA podcast After the Island, and they could be the perfect addictions as co-hosts of the new season.

Regardless, if Arielle leaves the show, there should be plenty of options available to step into the role.

Love Island USA is on hiatus. The dating reality competition series will return in the summer of 2022 to its new home on Peacock streaming.

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