Are the Duggars staging a comeback? Here’s why it’s possible

Jana and Jessa Duggar confessional
Are Jana and Jessa hinting at a Duggar comeback? Pic credit: TLC

Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar have made millions from filming their daily lives.

From birth specials to weddings, the couple has used their notoriety to garner viewers in droves.

What started as a few specials on the enormous and growing family became two TLC reality TV shows canceled because of Josh Duggar’s actions.

After the family bounced back from the first scandal in 2015, they were unable to survive the CSAM crimes committed by Josh. His charges and subsequent sentence tanked the family’s chance to continue their reality show.

With their speaking engagements all but completely gone and no money from filming, the family likely needs to figure out another way to generate income.

Some siblings have moved toward social media, working with brands for partnerships, vlogging, and even joining an MLM.

Jana Duggar returns to social media

It was a surprise when Jana Duggar returned to social media with a new video and a subsequent Mother’s Day post — which backfired.

The eldest Duggar daughter had long abandoned her Instagram account, with years between her recent posts and the last thing she shared before her hiatus.

Jana has spent plenty of time with Joy-Anna Duggar and the rest of her younger, unmarried sisters. She participated in the Q&A Joy-Anna hosted, one of her channel’s more popular vlogs.

Critics and fans alike are interested in Jana for various reasons, but the biggest is why she remains unmarried in her 30s. There has been heavy speculation about her friendship with Laura DeMasie being more, but she shut that down.

Her return to social media has raised eyebrows.

Jessa Duggar begins posting again

Jessa Duggar used to be the family vlogger.

She would capture the Duggar family events following Josh Duggar’s CSAM scandal. Things like the Fall Festival held at the Duggar compound and holidays were often shared.

Followers could see the children, and Anna Duggar made a few appearances in the earlier videos.

While Jessa has seemingly fallen into a more private life, she seems to be working up to posting more frequently since George’s birth.

Her recent video chronicled her life as a mom of five and shared the routine she follows with so many little ones running around.

With Jana’s return to social media and Jessa Duggar’s increased YouTube sharing, the Duggar family may be attempting to reclaim their place in the spotlight.

What that looks like remains unclear, as being picked up by a network doesn’t seem possible at this point. The scandals have branded the family, and the stigma has only increased with Jinger Duggar and Jill Duggar telling their stories in best-selling books.

Shiny Happy People: Duggar Family Secrets is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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