Are Taylor Selfridge and Cory Wharton still together after Teen Mom OG drama?

Taylor Selfridge
Taylor Selfridge is facing backlash over racist tweets. Pic credit: MTV

Taylor Selfridge will finally address her scandalous past on the upcoming episode of Teen Mom OG. Taylor isn’t a full-time cast member, but she is becoming a full-time figure in the life of Cory Wharton and cast member Cheyenne Floyd wants answers as Taylor is starting to hang out with her daughter more.

As Monsters & Critics has previously covered, Taylor was caught making racist tweets on Twitter years ago and fans want answers. On the upcoming season finale, which will air Monday night on MTV, Cheyenne will finally get to address Taylor’s tweets face to face.

While viewers were upset to learn about Taylor’s racist tweets, Cory appeared to be very understanding and defending his girlfriend. Now, months after the confrontation was filmed, fans are curious to know if Taylor is still an important part of Cory’s life and future.

As it turns out, the two posed for a photo in Colorado Springs, Colorado just a few days ago. It sounds like they are both going strong and Cory has forgiven Taylor for the harsh tweets she shared years ago.

While Cory hasn’t addressed the tweets specifically since Monday’s preview clip of the season finale, he did recently tweet a follower that he wanted to be happy and anyone who didn’t support him could unfollow him. With everything being documented on Teen Mom OG, Cory faces more critical messages from viewers than he would, had he not been an MTV reality star.

It sounds like he’s planning on staying with Taylor as long as the relationship makes him happy. So far, there’s been no word on their future plans in terms of marriage or children, but he’s clearly excited about being with Taylor.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays at 9/8c on MTV.

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