Are Steven and Alina together? A recent comment may reveal their relationship status

Steven and Alina
A recent post and comment from Alina’s social media could point to her relationship status with Steven. Pic credit: TLC

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way’s Alina posted a pretty selfie to her Instagram that received a lot of attention, including the interest of her partner on the show, Steven.

There has been speculation swirling around as to whether Steven and Alina are together present-day, and Steven’s comment on her post may reveal that answer.

Steven commented on Alina’s post about her beauty, but Steven’s comment went unliked by Alina and he got called out by critics for that.

Alina didn’t like anyone else’s comment either, so she may not have purposely unacknowledged just him.

The Other Way star Alina’s recent post may give away the status of her relationship with Steven Johnston

Alina posted a stunning selfie with a question to her followers about how they feel about her natural hair. Many followers responded including her castmate Armando Rubio and a few well-known 90 Day Fiance fan pages.

She told her followers that she had always wanted to dye her hair wild colors but is now happy that her mom talked her into appreciating her natural hair color.

Steven also commented on Alina’s post saying, “I think it is gorgeous (fire emoji).”

Steven’s comment could point to the fact that they are still together and he is being a cute boyfriend, or possibly husband, by showing her some love on social media.

The other way to see it is that his words could be a desperate attempt to get Alina’s attention or flatter her if they are in fact broken up.

One critic thought the latter and noticed Alina didn’t like his comment. They remarked, “She didn’t even like your comment bro (laughing/crying face emojis).”

Instagram comments from Steven on Alina's picture
Steven dropped a comment on Alina’s picture that could reveal the status of their relationship. Pic credit: @alina.otherway/Instagram

The Other Way viewers think Steven Johnston is creepy and a hypocrite

The Other Way viewers have been finding Steven’s strange mannerisms and alternative lifestyle to be creepy with one critic even calling him a “Creepazoid.”

Steven has also been called out for being a hypocrite. What viewers think is contradictory is his insistence that Alina remain pure before marriage while he himself has carried on sexual relationships with women in the past.

They also find the fact that he’s been lying to Alina about his virginity to be distasteful.

Maybe Steven has been misunderstood early on or maybe there is more strangeness to come. Either way, viewers will have to keep watching to find out what happens between him and Alina.

90 Day Fiance: The Other Way airs on Sundays at 8/7c on TLC and Discovery+.

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2 years ago

So what if his PAST is not “pure” it’s what one does from now on, that matters. Having a PAST does NOT make him a hypocrite. I’m sure he didn’t purposefully LOOK for a virgin! So what, he made mistakes, that does NOT make Alina any better than him either, and certainly not above him in ANY way! SMH at all the negativity, people need to check their own closet skeletons before condemning others!