Are Matt and Alla from 90 Day Fiance still together?

Matt Ryan and Alla Fedoruk
Matt Ryan and Alla Fedoruk were on Season 4 of 90 Day Fiance. Pic credit: @allafedorukr/Instagram

90 Day Fiance viewers met Matt Ryan and Alla Fedoruk on Season 4 of the flagship show, and they are still going strong.

36-year-old Alla is 48-year-old Matt’s fourth wife, and Matt is Alla’s second husband. They met online before Matt went to Alla’s native Ukraine, and the pair had an on-and-off-again romance.

During the 90 days the couple had to get married after Alla arrived in America, Alla admitted that she was not yet in love with Matt, which sparked concern from Matt’s friends and family.

However, it seems love has grown in their marriage, and the pair now have a beautiful family and often express their happiness about being together.

Matt and Alla have a blended family. Alla brought her son Max with her from Ukraine when she did the K-1 visa, and the couple has children of their own now.

Alla had their daughter Emmalynn in April 2020, and their son Marcus was born in February 2022.

Just last week, a precious family moment was captured and shared by Alla. The family of five was sitting on a couch as Matt and Alla were smiling while Max was in the middle, and their two young children were in front of him.

Alla gave a sweet caption that read, “My most favorite sandwich in the entire world! ❤️Love what we’ve created with you @jmatthewryan.”

Alla Fedoruk opened up about why she was so guarded at the beginning of her relationship with Matt Ryan

In two separate Instagram posts from August 2021, Alla told the story of the beginning of her and Matt’s relationship.

She explained that they met on an international dating app in 2011, and after communicating frequently, Matt visited her in Ukraine, and they had a great time. Matt even connected with her family.

Unfortunately, when Matt went back to the US, Alla said their communication slowed down before Matt revealed that he had gotten back with an ex-girlfriend who went on to become his third wife. Alla said her heart was “broken” but said that she had to accept it.

In part two of her “Story with Matt,” Alla said that things sparked back up between them three and a half years after they stopped communicating.

She was single at that time, and Matt had just finalized his divorce. That said, Matt and Alla decided to meet in Spain, and they took a ten-day cruise in the Mediterranean.

Alla said Matt was trying to win her heart and expressed that she was “still careful and cautious and was watching his actions and intentions closely.”

After that, they kept communicating over Skype, and Matt would organize trips to other countries to see her every three months because she was denied a US tourist visa.

She said when Matt came to Ukraine next, he spent time with her son Max and that was the trip he proposed on.

Alla shared, “I was conquered by his personality and how he was able to combine the qualities of strength, courage, resoluteness, and drive for life, and yet at the same time be sensitive, kind and open hearted. I said YES! We applied for K1 and K2 visas.”

Matt Ryan and Alla Fedoruk were on 90 Day Diaries

Alla and Matt’s most recent 90 Day Fiance appearance was on Season 4 of the spinoff 90 Day Diaries.

The couple updated fans about their lives and filmed their segment from their own perspective.

The main issue the couple was facing was Alla’s desire to get an au pair and Matt’s resistance to the idea. Alla was six months pregnant at the time and overwhelmed with soon-to-be three kids and wanted some help to ease things for her.

Matt eventually warmed up to the idea and agreed that they could get an au pair which made Alla very happy.

Outside of the topic of Alla wanting help with childcare, Alla’s desire to become a pilot was highlighted. It was revealed that she inspired Matt to do the same.

Together they bought a plane and visited the hangar their plane was in. Alla said she had to stop lessons while she was pregnant but was eager to get back to them after giving birth.

90 Day Fiance is currently on hiatus. Seasons 1-9 are available to stream on Discovery+.

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