Are Love Island USA stars Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein back together? Here’s why fans think so

Is Shannon St. Claire dating her Love Island USA beau Josh Goldstein again?
Josh and Shannon met on Love Island USA Season 3. Pic credit: @shannonsaint/Instagram

Love Island USA stars Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein have sparked speculation they are back together following their split last month.

Josh and Shannon were the breakout couple of Love Island USA Season 3. Although fans initially had doubts about her, they proved to be the real deal.

Shannon even left the villa with Josh when his sister died suddenly, and he needed to get home.

However, in June, ahead of their one-year anniversary, Shannon and Josh revealed they had called it quits. They were the last Season 3 couple standing.

Since then, Shannon’s stint on The Challenge USA has been playing out, where she starred with her good friend, Cashay Proudfoot. The pals even recently had a girls’ night in New York City to celebrate their latest reality TV stint.

Now it seems that Shannon may not be as single as Love Island USA fans think she is, with speculation she is back with Josh running high.

Why do Love Island USA fans think Shannon St. Clair and Josh Goldstein are back together?

A Reddit got the ball rolling on rumors that Josh and Shannon have found their way back to each other.

One eagle eyes social media sleuth brought up the subject after watching some of Shannon’s Instagram Stories.

“I think Josh came back to Philly with Shannon. He’s not posting but she posted out to eat and you could see Josh in the background of her stories,” was written kicking off a slew of responses on the topic.

Are Josh and Shannon back together?
Pic credit: @u/Hot_Imagination_2736/Reddit

One response on the thread spilled that Josh and Shannon have both removed their break-up posts from social media. The same user also recalled Shannon saying they were figuring things out while promoting her stint on The Challenge.

“He’s definitely with her. I guess she did a spotify live for the challenge and said they were figuring out what their relationship will look like now.

Reddit comments on Love Island USA's Shannon and Josh
Pic credit: u/Kit_kat712/Reddit

A different user shared a long reply discussing how a glimpse of Josh can be seen in some of her Instagram Stories. The users also shared they have been implying they are in the same place as well as Josh being spotted at her house in PA.

Reddit comment on Shannon and Josh from Love Island USA.
Pic credit: @u/whisper_18/Reddit

It sure sounds like Josh and Shannon are spending time together. Whether that’s as friends or more remains to be seen, and Love Island USA fans will just have to wait until they are ready to spill the tea.

Love Island USA Season 4 on Peacock

Last week Season 4 of Love Island USA premiered on Peacock after three seasons on CBS. Sarah Hyland took over the hosting duties, which had fans comparing her to former host Arielle Vandenberg.

The new steamier version made history when siblings Chazz and Bria Bryant entered the villa together. There’s plenty of drama playing out, too, as smoking hot islanders Tyler Radziszewski and Mady McLanahan each continue to shake things up.

One islander fans have their eye on is Timmy Pandolfi as trouble starts to brew between him and Zeta Morrison.

Love Island USA airs Tuesday-Sunday on Peacock.

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