Are Emily Simpson’s workout videos making women feel ‘terrible about themselves?’

RHOC star Emily Simpson close-up
Emily Simpson gets called out after posting another workout video. Pic credit: Bravo

Emily Simpson is still getting backlash after she shocked viewers with her newly snatched body a few weeks ago.

People are angry at The Real Housewives of Orange Country star after she admitted to using Ozempic and going under the knife.

She just posted another workout video online, and now it’s being said that Emily is causing normal women to feel “terrible about themselves.”

That was the claim from one furious commenter who had a mouthful for the mom of three after she posted the workout clip while looking fit and toned.

Emily was trying to show her progress from last year to now, as she shared a picture of her RHOC cast photo and a much smaller frame in the video.

The post has already racked up over 34,000 likes and thousands of comments, both positive and negative.

Emily Simpson is accused of making regular women feel terrible about themselves

Emily filmed Season 17 of RHOC last year, so these days she looks much thinner than the person we’re watching on the show.

However, for some people, it seems she dropped the extra pounds very quickly, and one commenter was simply not amused with her transformation.

“The comeback is always stronger than the setback 💪🏻,” Emily captioned the workout video.

“That’s because you’re really rich, you have had a lot of plastic surgery,” wrote the Instagram user. “You have someone else prep all your food and take care of your kids and you’re making regular normal. Women feel terrible about themselves.”

Meanwhile, Emily, who is now a stay-at-home mom, had a question for the critic.

“Who is this person cooking my meals and taking care of my kids bc I haven’t seen them?!” she retorted. As for the claim about making normal women feel bad about themselves, the Bravo personality simply ignored that.

Emily Simpson responds to a Instagram comment
Pic credit: @rhoc_emilysimpson/Instagram

RHOC star Emily Simpson gets support online amid backlash over her weight loss

Emily has been getting backlash left and right since her dramatic transformation, and yes, she got a slew of criticism on her recent post as well.

However, the 46-year-old is also getting support online, so let’s shed some light on that.

“Get it girl. I did the exact same thing. I did a little lipo a couple years ago, then a little Ozempic and now I’m hitting gym and it was EXACTLY what I needed at 48 years old,” said one Instagram user.

“Good-ness why are some people so hung up on her taking Ozempic? She has admitted to using it. She’s getting healthy, working her butt off to do so, she looks/feels great, and that’s truly all that should matter,” reasoned someone else.

Emily Simpson Instagram comments
Pic credit: @rhoc_emilysimpson/Instagram

One person said, “This is proof that you didn’t just take the easy way out. Great job @rhoc_emilysimpson 🔥 so impressive!”

Another commenter told her, “You look freakin amazing, don’t pay attention to the judgmental comments. Keep up the amazing work and do whatever the F you want 🙌.”

The Real Housewives of Orange County airs Wednesdays at 8/7c on Bravo.

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