Are Dylan and Hannah G engaged after Bachelor In Paradise? [Spoilers]

Hannah and Dylan
Hannah and Dylan have a serious connection. Pic credit: ABC

Dylan and Hannah G may not have had the best start to their relationship, as Dylan is learning that many other guys are interested in her. But it sounds like production may have ruined the finale for some people based on the previews they decided to share.

One viewer decided to share some screenshots on Twitter of Dylan and Hannah. In them, he is supposedly putting an engagement ring on her finger. The person managed to capture screenshots of Dylan, where he is wearing a blue bracelet.

In another screenshot, the person shares a photo of Hannah where she’s wearing a red bracelet. In the final photo, a person with a blue bracelet puts an engagement ring on a person who is wearing a red bracelet.

As it turns out, these two are Dylan and Hannah. Reality Steve reveals that Dylan and Hannah did indeed get engaged while they were in Mexico. Even though Hannah appears to be shopping around and exploring her options, Dylan is clearly intrigued and wants to explore an exclusive relationship with Hannah.

Reality Steve reveals that Dylan and Hannah did take Chris Harrison’s offer to go on an overnight date near the end of the season. Perhaps, Hannah just needs more time to see if Dylan is indeed the man for him and explore things with Wills and Blake.

Given what fans now know about Blake, it’s probably a good thing that she decides to pursue a relationship with Dylan, as he appears genuine and excited about being with her.

It’ll be fun to see Dylan and Hannah G’s relationship develop over the next couple of weeks, but it sounds like this could indeed be a story with a happy ending.

Bachelor In Paradise airs Mondays and Tuesdays at 8/7c on ABC.

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