Are Donna and Alex from Black Ink Crew still together?

Donna and Alex from Black Ink Crew bond in the Big Easy
Donna and Alex got serious in New Orleans but are they still together? Pic credit: VH1

Even though Donna and Alex from Black Ink Crew started their relationship a little bit unconventionally, there are still a lot of viewers rooting for their romance to make it. After the latest episode of VH1 series, there were questions about whether or not Donna and Alex are still together after what went down.

Alex’s dad just had major surgery and Alex was scared that he might lose his dad. He admitted in a Black Ink Crew confessional that he really needed Donna to be there with him and to support him through the stressful time.

That’s not how it went down though, and Donna never did show up to the hospital to meet Alex. Thankfully, the surgery went well but Alex was still upset that Donna didn’t show up and he decided to talk to her about it.

When Alex confronted Donna about what she had done the night before, she went on and on about how wasted she got while partying with her girls. She didn’t even remember that Alex was waiting on her and when he said something, she acted like it was no big deal.

Donna’s reaction made Alex even more upset because he felt like she didn’t even care. Meanwhile, Donna tries to look really concerned but it’s pretty clear that her hangover is still going in full force.

Fast forward to later in the episode when Donna decides to make contact with Moe and even make plans to meet with him without letting Alex know. Moe ended up ghosting Donna but that didn’t stop Alex from blasting her for going behind his back.

With that, Alex flipped out and ripped a painting off the wall at the shop. If Ceaser hasn’t gotten over the drama with Herb in New Orleans, he’s definitely not going to let the damaged painting go. Yikes Alex!

Anyway, after watching all of this, the big question is whether Donna and Alex are still together now. And while that fight really looked like the two might break up, finding out if that actually happened was rather easy.

On October 3, which is long after these episodes were filmed, Donna posted a photo of herself and Alex on Instagram and proclaimed that he was her boyfriend on National Boyfriend Day.

Alex has posted a few hints of Donna on his Instagram too. But the National Boyfriend’s Day post is proof enough for us to believe that Donna and Alex are still together.

For even more pictures of the Black Ink Crew couple, pay close attention to both of their Instagram Lives, where they often share pictures and videos together to document their love.

Black Ink Crew airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on VH1. 

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