Anna Duggar shows off more cute photos, Counting On fans continue to ask for braiding tutorials

Anna Duggar in a 19 Kids and Counting confessional.
Anna Duggar shares photos of Mackynzie and Meredith and fans want tutorials. Pic credit: TLC

Anna Duggar shared more adorable photos of her older girls and Counting On fans can’t get over how grown up they look.

Mackynzie and Meredith were enjoying a game of Jenga, and Anna was able to catch them in some fun moments while also having them pose for some staged shots.

Will Anna Duggar ever do a braiding tutorial?

There has been an immense craze when it comes to Anna Duggar and the braids she does on Mackynzie and Meredith for pictures. The young Duggar grandchildren are getting plenty of attention from Counting On fans who continue to beg for tutorials.

It has been weeks since Anna has shown off her braiding skills and every time she shares new photos, there are several followers who beg for her to make a video featuring what she does. She has yet to respond to the requests, but she did reveal a few months ago that she has a YouTube channel she made a while back.

Counting On fans continue to beg for braiding videos and Anna Duggar continues to ignore the requests. She has been focused on sharing more content, especially photos of her kids. Also, Anna has dabbled in social media influencing but so far, she’s only posted one ad. Her sisters-in-law get partnerships on occasion and it looks like she may want in on that deal.

Mackynzie and Meredith playing Jenga.
Pic credit: @annaduggar/Instagram

Will Anna be a bigger part of Counting On?

This past season featured more of Anna Duggar and the littlest member of her family, Maryella. She did appear for the family night over video chat and for some of the holiday events.

She was pregnant alongside several of the other Duggar women, which made it possible for her to have a bigger part in Counting On. Anna can’t share too much because Josh Duggar is not allowed to be filmed at all. Everything has to be done without him, so she isn’t always in the episodes.

At this point, Counting On hasn’t even been officially renewed, though it is likely to return. There is a lot happening in the family. Anna Duggar is working on being more present, but a full-time return to reality television would be hard based on the restrictions for Josh.

Instead, she is busy showing off her growing family and getting plenty of attention that way. Fans want a braiding tutorial from her, but Anna is holding out.

Counting On is currently on hiatus.

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