Andy Cohen got an interesting text from detective Bo Dietl after the reunion — Here’s what he said

RHONJ reunion host Andy Cohen
Andy Cohen received a message from Bo Dietl. Pic credit: Bravo

Bo Dietl had a lot to say since his name was mentioned on The Real Housewives of New Jersey this season, and he’s not done yet.

After part three of the reunion aired, the detective reached out to none other than Andy Cohen.

The Bravo executive recently revealed what Bo said to him after being caught up in the Housewives drama thanks to his pal Luis Ruelas.

Bo has already chastised Luis for bringing his name into the mix during a recent confrontation with his castmates, but by all accounts, the two are still friends.

While they’ve both denied doing any investigations on the Jersey cast, Luis might have used Bo’s services for another case.

Monsters and Critics recently reported that Teresa Giudice’s husband was recently hit with a restraining order from an ex-fiance.

Interestingly, she also accused him of hiring a detective to stalk her, and yes, Bo’s name was also mentioned in that.

Andy Cohen shares the message he received from Bo Dietl

The RHONJ host took to his Sirius FM show, Radio Andy, to dish about the final part of the reunion, and he shared some interesting news.

Andy revealed that he got a message from Bo Dietl, the infamous detective who was a major topic of conversation during the reunion. During part three, the cast confronted Luis as they tried to get a straight answer about whether Bo gathered information on them.

Bo Dietl texted Andy and said, “I never did any investigations on the cast of The Housewives of New Jersey, I never said that I didn’t do any other investigations for Luis.”

“So he’s saying that Luis didn’t hire him to investigate the cast of The Housewives of Jersey. So that’s a very specific thing he’s saying,” reasoned Andy. “He’s not saying he doesn’t have info.”

Andy Cohen says Luis Ruelas’ RHONJ investigation drama is ‘bizarre’

Andy also dished about Luis Ruelas and all the hoopla surrounding the investigation on his radio show after a caller asked about Luis’ denial at the reunion.

At first, Andy tried to play coy, but eventually, he shared his honest opinion on the whole thing.

“I think it is really a very bizarre thing to suddenly announce to a group that ‘I used this man to get information on all of you,'” said Andy, who noted that Luis also repeated the claim the next day when he was no longer in the heat of the moment.

“Now he’s just saying he made it up…that seems really, highly unlikely. It’s very odd,” added Andy.

Listen to Andy Cohen dishing about Bo Dietl below.

The Real Housewives of New Jersey is currently on hiatus on Bravo.

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