Andy Cohen and Luann de Lesseps are slammed after irresponsible photo after RHONY reunion

Andy Cohen and Luann De Lesseps
Andy Cohen and Luann De Lesseps took a photo together after the reunion special. Pic credit: Bravo

Andy Cohen revealed yesterday that he was filming The Real Housewives of New York reunion special in person!

A few months ago, he filmed The Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion virtually, having everyone call in via Zoom to rehash everything from the season.

But yesterday, the production team felt good about filming everything in person. On his Instagram Stories, Andy explained that they had masks, hand sanitizers, and more on set to protect everyone.

Fans were thrilled with the precautions that were being taken, especially since the numbers are so high and the virus is quickly spreading.

However, the tone changed when the reunion wrapped up and Andy posted a photo of himself with Luann de Lesseps.

Andy Cohen and Luann de Lesseps pose for a controversial photo

In the photo, Andy and Luann are standing close together. Andy has his mask pulled down on his chin and Luann’s mask is only partly on her face.

“That’s a WRAP! Thanks to our incredible crew who helped us execute this reunion safely. And thanks to Lu for wearing a mask of her own lips!” Andy wrote on his post.

Fans were quick to call out the mask non-wearing as irresponsible. They said that Andy and Luann should make more of an effort to keep their masks on when they are not social distancing.

Andy and Luann
Andy and Luann are being slammed for this photo. Pic credit: @bravoandy/Instagram

In the comments, people were quick to slam the two for their decision to stand so close.

“Should either of you really be lowering your mask like that while so close to each other?” one fan wrote.

Another added, “Taking this pic with your mask not worn properly and with Luann’s mask not completely covering her face and being so close, I did not think you would take that kind of risk.”

The above two comments alone had 647 and 342 likes respectively, implying that a lot of fans agree with the comments questioning Andy and Luann’s decision to remove their masks for the sake of a photo.

“How is this responsible or safe? [Were] you all tested. I hope so,” one fan questioned.

“You do not look safe being that close with your masks hanging off your faces. SMH” wrote another fan.

“Weird pic with you both having masks not on your face but standing very close together,” commented a third.

The post had over 87,400 likes at the time of this reporting and the majority of comments were about Andy and Luann’s masks.

Andy Cohen had previously tested positive while Luann de Lesseps hasn’t confirmed a diagnosis

Bravo took precautions against the spread of the virus. Only a few cast and crew members were allowed on set and everyone had to be tested prior to coming.

Back in March, Andy revealed that he had tested positive for COVID-19. At the time, he was separated from his son in order to avoid potentially infecting him.

At the beginning of April, we reported that the father and son were happily reunited after spending two weeks apart.

Luann has not confirmed that she was diagnosed with COVID-19, so we can presumably guess that she’s been staying safe and keeping her distance from others.

The Real Housewives of New York airs Thursdays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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jeanne marsillo
jeanne marsillo
3 years ago

they both suck