Andre Brunelli didn’t show up to Love Island USA reunion

Andre and Olivia on Love Island USA
Andre and Olivia on Love Island USA. Pic credit: CBS

Fans were keeping track of their favorite Love Island USA Islanders at the New York City reunion this past weekend.

A lot of Islanders from Season 3, and even past seasons, showed up for the big reunion and party in NYC.

Some others said they were not invited, with the Casa Amor girls not getting an invitation according to Kay Taylor.

One more person didn’t show up, and it was one of the last Islanders eliminated.

While the eight finalists were in New York City partying all weekend, Andre Brunelli didn’t show up.

Andre left with Trina Njoroge before the finale, and she was at the party without him.

Andre reveals he was not at Love Island USA reunion

While Kay took to Instagram to tell fans the Casa Amor girls were not welcome at the New York City Love Island USA reunion, the story for Andre was very different.

Andre just couldn’t make it.

“Wish i could be at the reunion in [New York] To everyone going be safe, have fun, and pour some #Henny for me,” Andre wrote on Instagram along with a giant photo dump of his pictures.

Andre was a popular cast member, first trying to hook up with Olivia Kaiser and then going into a friendship couple with Trina to save her from elimination when Olivia went to Korey Gandy.

Olivia and Korey ended up winning it all.

Why didn’t Andre go to the Love Island USA reunion?

Andre didn’t say why he didn’t go, but the reasons are seemingly obvious.

While most of the Islanders spent the entire reunion partying, dancing, drinking, and having a good time, Andre is a father.

As soon as he left, Andre said he was going home to be with his daughter. He then posted a photo of the two of them together.

Then, on Monday, he posted another photo that said he was back in Miami to get back to work. It seems that he had only that week to spend with his daughter before he had to return to work, so he chose her over a party with the Islanders.

Andre Brunelli is a model and an actor. He has appeared in a Jennifer Lopez music video and was part of a reality game show in South America. He is also a former professional soccer player.

Love Island USA is currently on hiatus. Re-live Season 3 on Paramount+, streaming right now.

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