Andi Dorfman dishes on her engagement to fans

Andi Dorfman
Andi Dorfman reveals details about her engagement. Pic credit: ABC

Andi Dorfman has been a part of The Bachelor franchise for years now, as she was first on the show as a contestant vying for The Bachelor Juan Pablo Galavis’ heart.

She made history that season as she was tired of how Juan behaved and talked to the women and to her personally, so she walked out on him after giving her a piece of her mind and left the show.

The Bachelor franchise took note of that and decided they wanted her to be The Bachelorette for Season 10, and while she chose and got engaged to Josh Murray, the two ended their engagement in 2015, about eight months later.

Andi did, however, end up finding her happy ever after in Blaine Hart. While Andi kept the couple’s relationship a secret from her more than one million social media followers for quite a while, she announced their status toward the end of 2021 and then their engagement on March 30, 2022.

How did Andi Dorfman’s fiance, Blaine Hart, propose to her?

Recently, Andi was a guest on the Bachelor Happy Hour podcast with co-hosts Becca Kufrin and Michelle Young and talked about her engagement to her now-fiance, Blaine Hart.

While Andi told viewers that she knew the proposal was coming because she helped pick out the ring, she didn’t know precisely when or where.

She declared, “I didn’t know what day he was going to do it. I actually thought it might be the Saturday before the marathon. But Friday, no one was answering my calls, and my mom said she was playing golf, and I believed it. We were going down to the beach for dinner, and we always go to the beach when it’s nice out for sunset cocktails. That was nothing new.”

However, on the way to the beach, Andi decided to randomly FaceTime her best friend from the show, Kelly Travis, who made her a bit suspicious by how excited she was acting.

Kelly thought Andi was calling to tell her she was engaged because she knew about the proposal. Once Blaine heard the conversation, Andi said he started acting weird, too, so she began to over-analyze.

Once at the beach, Andi spotted a photographer and then realized she was in sweats, but Blaine was dressed up and put two-and-two together. But that wasn’t even the end of the surprise, according to Andi.

After Blaine told her they weren’t really going to dinner but just back to their hotel to hang out and relax, when Andi opened the door, she got a second huge surprise.

What was the second portion to Andi’s surprise?

Andi announced on the podcast that she even said out loud, “’Thank goodness no one is here, and then I opened the door, and everyone was inside. My family and his parents came in early; our close friends were there, my sister came with her kids. That was a huge surprise to me!”

She even stated that she cried, which is out of character because she usually doesn’t get emotional.

Andi continued saying that, even though they’ve dated less than a year, she’s known Blaine is the one for a while and that there were never any red flags with him or their relationship.

For the full podcast episode with Andi Dorfman and co-hosts Becca and Michelle, click here.

The Bachelorette premieres Monday, July 11, on ABC.

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