Amy Duggar King and Deanna Duggar want answers

Amy Duggar King and her mom, Deanna Duggar.
Amy Duggar King and Deanna Duggar have questions. Pic credit: @amyrachelleking/Instagram

Amy Duggar King and Deanna Duggar have questions.

The mother and daughter duo have been outspoken about their disgust for Josh Duggar and the CSAM crimes he committed. He is serving 12 years in a Texas federal prison in Seagoville.

Earlier this month, Josh was reportedly caught with a cell phone and landed inside the SHU (Special Housing Unit). It isn’t a fun place to be, and the restrictions essentially land the prison in a tiny cell alone for 24 hours a day until their time is served.

Taking to TikTok, Amy and Deanna revealed they had questions for the warden. Like most critics and followers, the Duggar women were interested to know how he got the cell phone, what he was looking at, what he did to get the cell phone, and lastly, who gave him the cell phone.

Plenty of speculations surround all those things, including guards bringing it in for him, Anna Duggar sneaking it in for her husband, and other unlikely guesses.

No one from the Duggar family besides Amy and Deanna has spoken out about Josh Duggar being caught with a cell phone and sent to the SHU.

Will Amy Duggar King ever speak out?

Amy Duggar King has been spilling little tea drops for nearly two years, but only very rarely. She teased the idea of finding out whether the NDA was still in place, especially after Josh Duggar was arrested for CSAM in April 2021.

She and her mom have thrown shade on social media and even commented publicly about certain things regarding the Duggar family. Deanna Duggar is the only sibling of Jim Bob Duggar. She was the one who took care of Grandma Mary Duggar and the one who found in her the swimming pool where she drowned.

Amy has been clear that she wants to share the truth but has not yet done so. She has supported her cousins who have walked away from the IBLP, including Jill Duggar and Jinger Duggar.

What’s next for Josh Duggar?

His team is currently trying to get him a new trial, but that has not happened. They have been in court to present evidence to support their ask for an appeal, but no decisions have been made.

It will be interesting to see what, if anything, happens to Josh for his possession of a cell phone, as his access to the internet is supposed to be non-existent due to the nature of his crimes. Will this add more time to his sentence? Will this hinder his chance at a new trial?

There is much to consider, especially given his conviction and the cell phone in his position.

Not only do Amy Duggar King and Deanna Duggar have questions, but plenty of critics and followers also do too.

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1 year ago

CaN you imagine what the guards could plant into that phone after they confiscated it?!

1 year ago

What I would like to know is he’s a sexual predator of children. Why are his children allowed to visit him. He molested his sister’s why wouldn’t he molest his children ? He’s sick in the head!!