American Idol: Everything to know about Season 21 runner-up Megan Danielle

Megan Danielle selfie
Megan Danielle came in second place on American Idol. Pic credit: @megandanielle

American Idol Season 21 runner-up Megan Danielle won us over with her powerful voice, and we’re certain this young lady has an upcoming career in music.

The Christian singer came in second with Colin Stough coming in third, and Iam Tongi took home the gold in first place.

All three contestants really gave it their all this season and each one deserved to be on the final stage.

However, this wasn’t Megan’s first time on a reality competition show, as she has previously been on The Voice.

Although she didn’t win on The Voice, she did make it to the Top 9 before being eliminated.

Keep reading to learn more about singer Megan Danielle and where to follow her now.

Megan Danielle’s powerful voice shows her strength

There’s no doubt about Megan’s powerful voice and the energy she carries when it comes to herself and her religion.

As a Christian singer, Megan got the chance to really be herself on American Idol.

“To be able to showcase you know my Christianity on Idol, and the fact that I want to be a Christian artist, it can be really difficult sometimes just because of the way the world is today. I feel like that’s why God put me here just because he knows how strong I am. It means a lot to me, and I’ll always be blessed to be able to share this on any platform,” she told HollywoodLife.

Plus, the singer has overcome some adversity in her life. She’s from Georgia and has previously worked as a waitress with her mom.

Her parents split when she was a kid, and her dad left the house. She revealed on Idol that she took that very personally, revealing, “I put a lot of blame on myself for my dad leaving. It made me feel kind of worthless like I wasn’t a good daughter or even a good sister.”

Along with her dad leaving, her grandfather passed away about a year ago, and she says he was “the most important person in her life” and definitely “one of her biggest fans.”

Where to follow Megan Danielle after American Idol

Despite this adversity, Megan made it to the top of American Idol and definitely has a career in music coming.

Megan has documented her musical career thus far via Instagram, on her account @megandaniellemusic.

Her latest single, Dream Girl, is out now and available to listen to.

Though her career on American Idol might be over for this season, it’s clear that Megan is going places. Her fans will be happy to hear every new single she puts out as they follow her on her musical journey.

American Idol is currently on hiatus.

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