American Idol alumni Lauren Alaina leaves new reality show after injury

Lauren Alaina on Beyond the Edge
Lauren Alaina on Beyond the Edge. Pic credit: CBS

Lauren Alaina became a star thanks to her time on American Idol, where she finished as a runner-up and launched a successful musical career.

However, American Idol was not her last stop in reality television.

Lauren also competed in a season of Dancing with the Stars, where she was relatively successful as well.

Finally, this year, she took on a new reality show called Beyond the Edge, but this did not go as well as the previous two stops.

Lauren Alaina injured while competing on Beyond the Edge

Beyond the Edge is a reality TV series airing on CBS that features nine celebrities living in the dangerous jungles of Panama.

Mauro Ranallo was the host of the series, while the celeb names taking part include Lauren Alaina, Ray Lewis, Craig Morgan, Metta World Peace, Paulina Porizkova, Mike Singletary, Jodie Sweetin, Colton Underwood, and Eboni K. Williams.

While Lauren dropped out, the show technically disqualified her from the competition. She begged to stay, but they said no.

On Wednesday’s new episode of the reality survival show, Lauren fell and hurt her foot.

“I got disqualified because I fell and hurt my foot,” Alaina told ET’s, Matt Cohen. “I begged them to let me stay. But actually, looking back, my foot was not well for a very long time. So it was the right call.”

She then joked that the other contestants are probably relieved because she was going to win, saying “I was crushing it.”

She also said that she loved being part of the show.

“It was amazing to feel connection with people again because we’ve had a lot of disconnecting and disconnection in the last few years,” Lauren said. “So to be able to get dropped off in the jungle and to find true, genuine love and connection, it was really inspiring.”

Lauren Alaina’s reality TV success

This was a rare moment where Lauren didn’t find success on a reality TV show.

On American Idol, she competed in Season 10 and made it all the way to the finals where she ended up as the runner-up behind Scotty McCreery.

Leaving the show, her first two albums hit the second and third spot on the country albums charts and her third hit 21st. She was named to the Grand Ole Opry earlier this year.

Lauren also returned to American Idol to act as a mentor this season.

She then went on Dancing with the Stars in its 28th season and came in fourth place, making it to the finals.

She partnered with Gleb in the season that Bachelor star Hannah Brown won the show.

Beyond the Edge airs Wednesdays on CBS and streams on Paramount+. American Idol airs on Sunday and Monday nights at 8/7c on ABC.

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