American Horror Story just took a big shot at The Bachelor

Leslie Grossman in American Horror Story and The Bachelor logo
Leslie Grossman’s character in American Horror Story makes a great point about the bloodsuckers in Hollywood by bringing up The Bachelor. Pic credit: FX/ABC

TV worlds collided on the latest episode of American Horror Story: Double Feature when one of the characters from the FX series took a huge shot at The Bachelor, and more specifically, the production behind it.

Some spoilers for the most current episode of American Horror Story will follow.

It all went down on Season 10, Episode 3 of American Horror Story. About halfway through the episode, Ursula (Leslie Grossman) confronts Mickey (Macauley Culkin) about the source of the black pills.

As AHS viewers have learned, the black pills make talented people who take them able to produce at a much higher quality and quantity than ever before. Already, the pills have Harry (Finn Whitrock) and Alma (Ryan Kiera Armstrong) making huge strides in their writing and music, respectively.

Here’s where American Horror Story takes aim at The Bachelor

They have even turned Mickey into a writing phenom, which has Ursula very interested since Mickey was previously the town meth head and now he’s writing screenplays that, as Ursula pointed out, don’t even need a rewrite.

Ursula, a Hollywood agent, sees dollar signs in those black pills and she wants to use them so that she can become the most successful agent in Hollywood. But Mickey is trying to warn her that there is an evil side to those pills that she doesn’t want to get involved with.

Of course, Ursula doesn’t care about that. She’s already seen what it can do in terms of murder because she was there with Alma and the dead detective when Harry returned home. But she still has no idea just how serious the payoff for the pills really is yet. Or how close to dying she has come and will come.

“You see, it’s… It’s really f**ked up what happens when you take them,” Mickey warns.

Ursula uses The Bachelor to make a point in American Horror Story. Pic credit: FX

“I represent the producers of The Bachelor. F**ked up is my bread and butter,” Ursula shot back. And with that, she offered up one more demand for the pills, and the rest is AHS history.

When American Horror Story meets The Bachelor. Pic credit: FX

The Bachelor producers have been the target of some controversy

The Bachelor producers being the epitome of “f**ked up” in Hollywood was interesting but not totally off base. After all, even members of Bachelor Nation have called out members of production over the years, and many of them had very good reasons.

Colton Underwood notoriously called out The Bachelor producers for inviting Cassie Randolph’s dad to Thailand with them because he feels like they did it so that he could help Cassie break up with Colton.

Likewise, Colton spoke out about how he wasn’t allowed to comment on Peter Weber’s season, and later even said that they “hung him out to dry.”

As a perfectly timed US Weekly article reminds us, Kelley Flanagan from Peter Weber’s season even said that producers, at one point, locked her in a closet so that she wouldn’t interfere with Peter’s time spent with another woman.

Victoria Fuller (also from Peter Weber’s season) recently called out Chasen Nick over a recent claim about how great Bachelor in Paradise is, suggesting he pay his own way to avoid “getting harassed by producers.”

There are many more stories of The Bachelor cast calling out production the tactics they use to manipulate outcomes so that they can get the story and the high ratings that they want. That’s really not a secret and now, The Bachelor has managed to make their way into an episode of American Horror Story as the ultimate in what is wrong with Hollywood.

The Bachelor is currently on hiatus. American Horror Story airs on Wednesdays at 10/9c on FX.

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