Amber Portwood’s brother defends her against Andrew Glennon abuse allegations

Amber Portwood brother Shawn
Amber Portwood’s brother Shawn is coming to her defense on social media. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood’s brother Shawn, whom she lovingly refers to as “Bubby” is coming to her defense on Twitter. He spoke out about some of the criticism Amber has been receiving in regards to ex-boyfriend Andrew Glennon.

Shawn responded to one fan who said that Amber should apologize to Andrew for their big fight. The fight led to Andrew calling the police and Amber getting arrested.

Shawn said that Amber should not have to apologize. He also claimed that fans don’t know the full story of what happened between Amber and Andrew.

Amber’s brother Shawn is sticking up for her on Twitter

His tweet said, “Honestly and I’m sure a lot of people will say I’m victim-shaming again but [if I were Amber] I would not publicly apologize to him for anything. Nothing more than throwing a flip flop at him. Because everybody doesn’t know the entire story they know his story.”

Andrew still claims that Amber pulled a machete on him. Andrew tweeted back to Shawn with a photo of slashes in wood. He wrote, “That’s a sharp flip flop.”

Shawn then replied to the photo. He said, “Absolutely zero proof that this is a result of what was claimed. All the cameras and audio in the house and no proof at all of the alleged attack with a “machete” taking place. Zero. In the USA that means you are not guilty.”

Shawn also said Amber and Andrew’s son James was not in Andrew’s arms during the incident, as Andrew claimed.

Shawn did admit that Amber wasn’t completely innocent. This is why she decided to take the plea deal. She remains on probation after the incident in July 2019.

Shawn also thanked Gary and Kristina for their support

Additionally, Shawn has told fans that Amber spends lots of time with her two children, Leah and James. Gary (Leah’s father) has also confirmed this in the past.

Lastly, Shawn commended Gary and his wife Kristina for their support of Amber.

He wrote, “@ItsGaryTime and his wife are good people and I am glad they are there to help her while I cannot. I cannot thank them enough for how they have helped her during this and give her the support she needs when no one will.”

According to Shawn’s Twitter profile, he currently lives in Florida.

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