Amber Portwood returns to social media but fans mock her machete attack

Amber Portwood
Amber Portwood is mocked on social media. Pic credit: MTV

Amber Portwood is currently keeping a low profile after being arrested on July 5 for reportedly attacking Andrew Glennon with a shoe and a machete while he was holding baby James. At the present time, we’ve only heard Andrew’s side of the story, so Amber’s side of the story could change what is already known.

But it sounds like Amber’s experience and actions have become a laughing matter for some people. Portwood recently broke her silence on social media, posting a video of a field. She didn’t include a caption, but the video was short in length and seemed to send some sort of message.

It didn’t take long for people to joke about the situation.

YouTube video player

One person joked that a machete would be able to cut down the field that was in the video. The joke was highlighted by other followers, who said that the person had won the internet today.

Another person chimed in that the person should receive a prize for the comment. Amber Portwood didn’t reply to the message and it’s possible that a judge wants her to stay away from social media to avoid saying or doing something that could affect her court proceedings.

Right now, Amber has been told to keep away from Andrew and her son James until the courts figure out what to do next. Amber hasn’t said anything about the courts or her case with Andrew, but Andrew was recently accused of making digs at Amber as she can’t see her son. He later denied that he was making digs, but that same post revealed that there was nothing better than a clean conscience.

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