Alli Dore shares cute video with Below Deck fans of son River interacting with a cat

Alli Dore and her son River
Alli Dore caught an interaction her son River had with a cat and shared it on social media. Pic credit: Bravo and @allidoreporfavor

Below Deck fans can’t get over how adorable Season 2 of Sailing Yacht star Alli Dore’s baby boy River is and things got a whole lot cuter in a recent video she posted of him interacting with a cat.

The video was posted through Alli’s Instagram Stories and featured River playing on a rug as the cat sussed him out. The cat generally looked unbothered as River looked interested in playing with the cat.

All the while, Alli sat filming and gave cute commentary on their activity in the captions.

Below Deck fans enjoyed a video of Alli Dore’s son River playing with a cat

In a video Alli recorded on Instagram, Alli first panned to her son River who was laying out on his stomach looking towards the cat.

When she showed the cat to the camera it had its back turned as River wiggled around and continued to look on.

Alli added the comment, “Nooooope.”

The video then showed River playing with a baby toy that makes noise when you press its buttons. River made the apparatus chime several times as the cat laid in front of it wagging its tail with its back towards River.

Alli noted, “Willing to enjoy the musical performance though.”

Pic credit: @allidoreporfavor/Instagram

Alli Dore’s Below Deck Sailing Yacht fling with Gary King was short lived

Alli Dore’s life now is much different than when Below Deck Sailing Yacht viewers met her on Season 2. She is now a land-based devoted mother and girlfriend after giving birth to her son in late August of 2021.

Alli had a fling with Gary during the show that both of them pursued into the post-season, although it didn’t work past that.

Alli and Gary’s relationship came out of tense and unique circumstances since Gary had sex with Sydney Zaruba, a deck crew member under him, on the first night.

The situation was exacerbated by the fact that Gary lied about what actually went down between him and Sydney and Sydney developed an obsession with Gary that lasted the whole season.

After an open and awkward conversation between Gary, Sydney, and Alli, Sydney made it clear to back off of Gary and respect the connection that formed.

In this current season of Below Deck Sailing, Gary is back at it and single as ever as the trailer promoted some of his fooleries.

Below Deck Sailing Yacht airs Mondays at 9/8c on Bravo.

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