All the reasons that Farrah Abraham should never return to Teen Mom OG

Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham
Farrah Abraham and Sophia Laurent Abraham. Pic credit: @ImageCollect/ImagePressAgency

Since her first appearance in 2009 during 16 and pregnant, Farrah Abraham has been someone fans love to hate.

The Teen Mom OG star has been surrounded by controversy for years, constantly receiving backlash from fans regarding her career choices, the exploitation of her daughter, Sophia, and how she treats other castmates, producers, and her family.

Fans applauded when MTV allegedly finally decided to remove her from the Teen Mom franchise.

Here are all the reasons she should NEVER return.

Farrah’s questionable career choices

Allegedly, the number one reason Farrah was asked to leave Teen Mom OG was her participation in the adult film industry. While still working on the show, Farrah participated in more than one pornographic video, causing a backlash from several fans.

The show’s fans were in an uproar, saying her decisions were not family-friendly, and she was not a good role model for young women. The franchise reportedly asked her to stop participating in the industry as it didn’t work with their branding of the Teen Mom franchise.

Farrah supposedly agreed to stop participating in porn. However, she went on to share webcam videos, which she thought were completely different.

Viacom, MTV’s parent company, eventually parted ways with the star.

In a lengthy social media post, Farrah expressed her outrage.

“Viacom let me go because as a Business Mogul, I act like an adult and partake in adult promotions and activities … I am proud of myself not giving in to be sex-shamed by Viacom network.”

Regardless of one’s own personal feelings toward the adult film industry, it is safe to say promoting participation in adult films hardly fits the family-friendly narrative that Teen Mom aims to share.

Farrah’s feud with castmates

In addition to her controversial career choices, Farrah has been known to feud with her castmates.

Farrah has always carried herself as if her castmates were beneath her and has rarely gotten along with any of them.

One of the worst feuds occurred between Farrah and the couple of Catelynn Lowell and Tyler Baltierra. After putting their firstborn, Carly, up for adoption, the couple announced they were expecting.

Farrah wasted no time criticizing them for making a “poor decision,” igniting a Twitter war.

The couple posted things like, “Bad choices??  I didn’t make a so-called ‘sex tape.'”

The Twitter feud continued when Farrah retweeted a post saying: “Technically @CatelynnLowell shouldn’t have been on the show cuz she gave up her kid.”

This caused Tyler to clap back with his own response: “Hiding your opinion through retweets does nothing but make me laugh even harder at the delusional state of your mind.”

Tyler Baltierra tweet
Pic credit: @TylerBaltierra

Catelynn and Tyler aren’t the only costars to fight with Farrah. When the Teen Mom cast found out about Farrah’s adult videos, they quickly spoke out with their disapproval.

Maci Bookout was the most upset and even threatened to quit the show if they continued to allow Farrah to be on it. The two ended up arguing at a book tour in which Maci left the conversation, saying, “I can have better conversations with my 6-year-old.”

Farrah took to Twitter and retweeted a fan’s post, which said, “Why does Maci complain about [Farrah] being on #TeenMom but okay with drug addict and felon being on the show? #hypocracy”

This was referencing costar Amber Portwood’s prison sentence due to drug-related matters.

Farrah is notorious for throwing shade at her OG castmates, but she’s even gone so far as to go after Jenelle Evans, star of Teen Mom 2. The drama started when Jenelle accused Farrah of making up a relationship to appear on Couples Therapy.

Farrah slammed Jenelle a few months later for her decision to have more children while already not having custody of her son, Jace, at the time.

Jenelle clapped back on Twitter, saying, “She has to always stay relevant in the media, or she’s afraid she will be forgotten fast.”

Farrah responded with, “I really don’t pay attention to white trash.”

It has recently been reported that the two have squashed their differences, as Farrah attended Jenelle’s launch of her new makeup line. Jenelle may be the only cast member of the Teen Mom franchise to be on civil terms with Farrah at the moment.

With her inability to get along with — well, anyone — it makes sense to keep Farrah from re-joining the cast any time soon.

Farrah’s questionable parenting decisions

Farrah takes a lot of heat about the way she is raising her daughter, Sophia.

Farrah started an Instagram account for Sophia at the age of 6, immediately sparking reactions from fans. Many accused the star of exploiting her daughter for her own monetary gain.

Sophia has posted pictures posing with different products Farrah was advertising. She claims the mother-daughter duo uses them regularly.

Sophia also frequently likes her mother’s posts, including those where Farrah is half-naked. In a post where Farrah posed with a blender wearing nothing but a tiny apron, a fan commented, “and your daughter liked this photo…wow.”

Farrah clearly feels no need to censor things her daughter views, even her own mother’s over-sexualized social media content.

In addition to Instagram, Farrah and Sophia have videoed themselves together via TikTok. Fans were disgusted when the video showed Sophia twerking.

Some fans commented, “someone take her kid” and “where is CPS?”

As if the social media posts aren’t questionable enough, on one episode of Teen Mom OG, Farrah called Sophia stupid on camera. She said, “Sophia is too stupid to get ready. It’s not my issue right now.”

While Teen Mom is meant to showcase the struggles of raising children at such a young age, several younger viewers tune in each week and look up to the women as role models.

It’s safe to say some of Farrah’s parenting decisions are not exactly role-model material.

Farrah’s disrespect toward her mother

Farrah is notorious for being disrespectful and mean to her parents, especially toward her mother, Debra Danielson. Farrah and Debra have had their fair share of explosive fights throughout the years.

In an episode of Teen Mom, Farrah kicked her mother out of her house after Sophia’s eighth birthday celebration.

Debra showed Sophia pictures of her birth, and Farrah wasn’t happy, prompting her to demand her mother leave the house immediately.

Farrah said, “Are you staying at a hotel? Because you’re not going to be at my house the whole time. If you can’t respect the boundary and still hang out and be normal the week while you’re here, that’s your loss.”

It doesn’t appear the punishment matches the crime on that one.

Farrah speaks to her mother this way in front of Sophia, which sets a poor example of how children should treat their parents.

Teen Mom OG focuses on the various challenges of motherhood, especially having started at a young age.

While the cast members face many parenting and relationship troubles, it is meant to be family-oriented. The cast should be relatable to the many young women who find themselves in similar situations.

Based on her career moves, non-stop feuding with castmates, dubious parenting decisions, and disrespect toward her mother, Farrah no longer fits the mold for what fans want to see on the reality series.

Farrah Abraham should never return to Teen Mom OG.

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