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Farrah Abraham speaks out about CPS allegations

Farrah Abraham on Teen Mom OG
Farrah Abraham speaks out about those CPS rumors. Pic credit: MTV

Farrah Abraham is breaking her silence after she was accused of neglecting her daughter this past weekend.

The story surfaced this week after Farrah revealed she was in Mexico with Daniel Ishag. Fans noticed that Sophia was left at their home in California with some guessing that she was truly home alone.

Fans of the Teen Mom OG franchise supposedly informed police and CPS and an investigation was launched.

However, Farrah’s parents quickly tried to set the record straight and now, Farrah wants people to know how she’s feeling about the entire situation.

Farrah Abraham speaks out about those CPS allegations

Sadly, it sounds like Abraham isn’t surprised by the allegations given the hate she usually receives.

Farrah spoke out about the CPS allegations to Champion Daily, revealing that she continues to be harassed, stalked, and hated by Teen Mom OG fans.

“Since I have had continued harassment, stalkers, and haters from the Teen Mom show continue to call Police on me after being hated on the show, I have taken extensive precautions against those who sell stories, lies, and harass my family,” she told the website, adding, “Sophia is protected from the evil people and it’s sad people are jealous of my dating life, and try to affect my family in a negative way.”

Farrah continued to explain that they live a great life and they aren’t affected by the harassment they receive online. She also added that she won’t tolerate any unsafe and illegal actions taken against her family.

Farrah Abraham’s parents were quick to set the record straight

In her statement to Champion Daily, Farrah also explained that when she goes out of town, her father always watches her daughter Sophia.

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When the story broke, both Farrah’s mother Debra and her father Michael spoke out about their daughter’s current situation.

While Debra revealed that people shouldn’t speak out on issues they know nothing about, Michael threatened to sue people who were spreading lies. He also added that he had been with Sophia the entire weekend and that she didn’t spend any time alone, as reported by Monsters & Critics.

The original story claimed that Sophia had posted videos online of her being home alone, but Farrah’s parents claim that Sophia did not post anything and wasn’t left alone as was claimed by Teen Mom followers.

Teen Mom OG is currently on hiatus.

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