Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven and Bear Brown announce sex of new baby

Bear and Raiven Brown
Bear and Raiven Brown. Pic credit: Discovery

It is amazing what difference a few months can make.

For Alaskan Bush People stars Bear and Raiven Brown, they married in January, saw Bear spend a weekend in jail following domestic abuse claims, and became pregnant with their second child one month after the arrest.

Now, Raiven has announced the sex of the child.

Raiven and Bear Brown announce second baby’s sex

Raiven took to her Instagram account and had River reveal the sex of his future sibling.

River, 2, held a sign that said “It’s A Boy.” He also wore a shirt that said “Mama’s Boy” as he let the world know that he was going to be a big brother to a little brother.

Raiven posted in the caption, “We are SO happy to announce we are expecting another little boy! I’ve always seen myself as a boy mom. I absolutely love being a boy mom. I can’t wait to see river as a big brother.”

Her Instagram account is private, but she also posted the same news on her public TikTok account with the caption, “We are over the moon to be having another boy,” with the hashtag “boymom.”

The TikTok video had the same image of River with a new onesie for the upcoming baby.

Raiven Brown originally revealed ultrasound pics

Raiven and Bear wanted to have a second child, but she had originally said that it would only happen “if God sees it fit.”

Raiven ended up getting pregnant one week after she asked the judge to end the no-contact order placed against Bear at the time of his arrest.

She announced the pregnancy on TikTok as well, with a video of her dancing to Pharrell Williams and Trey Parker’s song Hug Me.

She showed off the ultrasound photos as a way of making the announcement.

“Baby is just shy of 7 weeks! We have a Heartbeat so happy!” she wrote at the time.

The new baby will be Bear and Raiven’s second child.

River just celebrated his second birthday on March 9. The couple enjoyed his birthday, with Raiven saying, “My momma heart is sad my boy is growing so fast. But I am so happy to see him grow every day.”

Now, the so-called “boy mom” will have a second bundle of joy coming with an expected due date around February 2023.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus.

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