Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven drops no-contact order with Bear Brown

Bear Brown and Raiven Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Bear Brown and Raiven Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Discovery

Over the Easter holidays, Alaskan Bush People star Bear Brown posted photos with his wife Raiven and their son River celebrating together.

This confused fans who knew there was a no-contact order placed against Bear after he was arrested and faced domestic abuse charges.

However, the explanation was revealed when the news broke that Raiven dropped the no-contact order against Bear.

Alaskan Bush People’s Raiven drops no-contact order

When Bear posted the photos with Raiven and River, it seemed strange since Bear was supposed to have no contact with Raiven after his arrest.

However, in court paperwork obtained by In Touch, the site learned that Raiven identified herself as the protected person in the domestic violence no-contact order.

At the end of March, the court granted Raiven’s request by rescinding the no-contact order again Brown.

The case, however, is still ongoing with Bear due back in court on April 26. The charges are fourth-degree domestic violence assault.

“I appreciate people being supportive and reaching out,” Raiven said after the arrest. “That being said I do not have anything to share publicly. I want the best for my family and I hope this ends in my family’s best interest. Anytime social media has been involved in our private matters it’s ended worse.”

Raiven and Bear looking at putting this behind them

While his account is set to private, Bear posted some photos from Easter. OK! magazine has those photos.

Raiven and Bear dated off and on for a long time before they got married this January. Raiven had even accused Bear of abuse before and moved out of state.

Bear didn’t meet his son until he was six-months-old thanks to the separation and COVID-19 travel restrictions.

She finally returned last year with River and has been back with Bear ever since. The wedding was a small personal ceremony with the Brown family in attendance.

Bear’s arrest happened just two months later. He spent the weekend in jail and was then released on his own recognizance. His release also ordered him to obey all court instructions, including the no-contact order.

Raiven allowed that order to pass.

However, in the Easter photos, the family looked happy and excited to spend the holiday together.

“Easter egg hunt and then dinner on the town!!!” Bear wrote in the caption as the couple smiled at the cameras with River by their side.

There were also photos of River hunting Easter eggs in their yard with grandmother Ami with the three.

“We had an awesome Easter! I hope everyone else did too!! Happy Easter!!!” Bear wrote in that one.

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The show should return sometime later in 2022 to Discovery.

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1 year ago

Seriously, how much do you pay the Browns for these stories? And btw, how much did Discovery pay Raiven to drop the charges? TV time, I’m guessing…sad the little boy has to see his parents fighting just so some girl wants her 5 minutes of fame. Makes a lot of us disgusted to hear this abuse. #metoo