Alaskan Bush People’s Matt Brown talks being alone on Valentine’s Day

Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People
Matt Brown from Alaskan Bush People. Pic credit: Matt Brown/YouTube

While Alaskan Bush People have always seemed to promote family, with the siblings often working together, one person has been left out for a few years now.

This is older brother Matt Brown, who has been on his own since leaving the show and ending up estranged from his family.

However, the good news is that Matt seems to be content and happy by himself, where he has thrived in his sobriety journey, and has done it with the fans by his side.

He showed this right before Valentine’s Day this year, where he talked about celebrating it alone and reached out to talk to others who might not have anyone with them during the holiday.

Matt Brown on being alone on Valentine’s Day

Matt Brown uses his Instagram for two things.

One is to keep him connected with his fans after leaving Alaskan Bush People. The second is more important. Matt uses it as an accountability tool in his sobriety journey.

In the video, Matt talked about how important it is to communicate and how that can help people looking to better themselves.

The opening was mostly Matt talking about his next big adventure, which is a trip up the mountain that he has been planning for the last month.

He mentioned that he has gotten all his camping stuff together and has built a new sled, and he was getting ready to head up into the snow. He also mentioned he has a lot of gear up there, and how he is planning the trip for optimum safety.

Matt Brown on the importance of communication

After this, Matt started to talk about communication.

“Communication is really important because it is how we deal with the world, and how the world knows how to deal back with us” Matt said. “If the person that we’re talking to feels like they’re heard, it actually makes them 30% more receptive to listening to what the other person is talking about.”

He mentioned how hard it was for him to really listen to people because his mind would wonder, and he finally started reminding himself to always pay attention to what other people were saying.

“Proper communication isn’t just a way to talk to people in a way they understand; it’s also listening to them in a way that we can remember what they said and can actually stay in the conversation.”

Alaskan Bush People is on hiatus. The reality show should return sometime in 2022.

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