Alaskan Bush People’s Bam Bam Brown drops big hint about new TV project

Bam Bam and girlfriend Allison Kagan
Bam Bam and girlfriend Allison outside Discovery’s offices in Los Angeles

Is Bam Bam Brown from Alaskan Bush People working on a new TV project with girlfriend Allison Kagan, possibly about their ferry renovation project?

Something definitely seems to be afoot after Bam Bam posted a couple of cryptic posts on Twitter that pointed at something big being in the works.

The first clue came in a selfie Bam Bam posted of him and Allison — who is a TV producer and used to work on Alaskan Bush People — outside the Los Angeles offices of Discovery Communications, Inc., the company behind the Discovery network which broadcasts the show.

The name of the company can be clearly seen in the background of the photo.

Here’s where they were standing on Santa Monica Boulevard, as seen on Google Maps.

But the big clue that they were there to talk about some sort of TV project — possibly to do with Alaskan Bush People or some sort of spin-off —came in a reply to Bam Bam’s post from the Twitter account which he and Allison set up to follow their boat-renovation efforts.

The account is named Fathom This — the same name they gave to the old ferry after they bought it — and has previously been used by the couple to post pictures of them undertaking work on the vessel.

After Bam Bam posted his selfie picture, the Fathom This account replied saying “#ferrynicemeetings”, which suggested that the pair had meetings with Discovery, and that they went well.

The post was also added as a pinned tweet on the Fathom This Twitter page.

Another clue that Bam Bam could be working on some sort of TV project came in November when he and Allison were photographed in New Orleans, reportedly with a “large camera crew”.

It came after the couple first publicly revealed their ferry renovation project earlier that month, when Bam Bam wrote a post about it on his Facebook page, in which he also revealed how long he and Allison had been dating.

The couple bought the old boat just over a year ago in November 2016, and are thought to be living on it in Charleston, South Carolina, as they do it up.

Most of the rest of the family are currently living in California where matriarch Ami Brown has been undergoing treatment for cancer. They later plan to move to Colorado to live, as was revealed at the end of last season of Alaskan Bush People.

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