Alaskan Bush People: The truth about Bear Brown and Raiven’s relationship

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams with their baby
Bear Brown and Raiven Adams with their baby. Pic credit: @riv3rs_m0mma/Instagram

Alaskan Bush People fans have heard rumors that Raiven Adams was coming back to the show and it seems like this is true.

There were already rumors that she was out of Texas and back in Loomis with Bear Brown, and now the two have officially confirmed that she is there with Bear.

Here is what we know.

The truth about Bear Brown and Raiven Adams on Alaskan Bush People

Bear Brown and Raiven Adams posted something new to TikTok, showing they are not only together, but they are happy right now.

In the TikTok video – shown later in this article – the two are offering to help a family at Christmas.

The fact that they are not only together, but are working on helping others at this time of the year, reveals that the two are back together and looking at making their relationship work.

This also lines up with what Raiven Brown already hinted at.

Raiven admitted back in September that she was giving Bear Brown a second chance and hoped their “love story” would work out this time around.

Raiven and Bear broke up in April after a few years together. They then had a lot of conflict after this concerning their son, but it looks like things are back to a more positive note again.

Raiven said on TikTok that she is no longer living in Texas and she has been with Bear in Loomis. A fan also said they saw her around town.

Bear Brown also showed on Alaskan Buch People that he had a lot to do with his son coming to visit. This included clearing the cozy storage unit he lives in of the hornets that got in when a window broke.

It appears that the next time that Alaskan Buch People airs, Raiven will likely find herself as a main cast member again.

Raiven and Bear offering something to Alaskan Bush People fans

The TikTok video reveals that Bear Brown and Raiven Adams are offering to help some Alaskan Bush People fans this Christmas.

All people had to do was comment below the video if they knew someone who needed help this Christmas.

Bear and Raiven would then pick out a family that needed help and they would ensure they got their gifts in time for Christmas this year.

Alaskan Bush People airs on Sunday nights at 8/7c on Discovery.

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2 years ago

Having a hard go around this year. My husband and and I had to move in with a very special friend untill we can find another place to live on our own. I have been in the hospital and it makes saving money even harder. And now to top it all off my jeep is breaking down. Just don’t know what to do so much at once. Thank you for listening or reading I should say.Hope you all have a a safe and happy holidays.

Lisa Huff
Lisa Huff
2 years ago

My grandson and granddaughter lost both of their parents to addiction. They are being raised by their aunt and uncle who have two girls of their own. I know they struggle financially and I wish I could make there Christmas awesome this year but financially I can’t. But they deserve a good Christmas.